Stream Monitoring And Fish Identification Demonstration Held At Big Rocky Run

A recent demonstration of stream monitoring and fish identification for Virginia Master Naturalist trainees was held at Big Rocky Run, at Eleanor Lawrence Park in Chantilly. Fairfax County’s Stormwater Planning Division, conducted the demonstration, which regularly monitors the species of fish in area streams as a direct measure of stream health.

The Rosyside Dace is a member of the same scientific family as carp and goldfish

According to The Connection Newspapers, “The naturalists’ field trip, on Oct. 24, followed an earlier lecture on ichthyology (the study of fishes) by Fairfax County Ecologist Chris Ruck. During the field trip, Ruck, and members of his Stormwater Planning team, used a specially designed electro-fisher unit, which temporarily stuns fish within a limited range charge-line between two portions of the equipment. Air in the fish bladders causes them to rise to the surface where they can be netted for study, then released.”

As per The Connection Newspapers, “Fairfax County includes more than 800 miles of streams. Monitoring assesses their water and natural habitat quality and gives a picture of the overall health of our waterways. It also is required by state and federal regulations. Our County is part of the watershed for the Chesapeake Bay, a water body protected by environmental regulations.”

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