Savor Vietnamese Food At Banh Mi So 1

Banh Mi So 1 is a Vietnamese take-out shop offering banh mi sandwiches and other snacks in Eden Center. It is located at 6799 Wilson Blvd Suite 4, Falls Church, VA.

As per, “Craving the smell and taste of freshly baked bread? Banh Mi So 1 has the cure. Feed your Banh Mi longings by indulging in one of the many specialty sandwiches Banh Mi So 1 has to offer such as their famous combination ham and pate sandwiches. In addition to sandwich perfection, they offer other authentic Vietnamese specialties such as Beef Jerky, homemade dried fruits, and delicious dessert drinks and gelatin. For a limited time, purchase 5 sandwiches and receive one free. Please come in today for details. Located in Saigon Garden.”

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6801 Gouthier Rd
6801 Gouthier Rd $560,000
6182 Greenwood Dr #102
6182 Greenwood Dr #102 $175,000
3440 Slade Run Dr
3440 Slade Run Dr $648,500
2905 Random Rd
2905 Random Rd $1,390,000
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1905 Griffith Rd $1,274,999
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2854 Fairmont St $1,149,000
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3253 Brandy Ct $499,000


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