Enjoy Some Creamy, Fresh, Nitrogen Ice cream At Nicecream Factory In Clarendon

Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream! Who doesn’t love Ice cream? Whether as a dessert after dinner or a refreshing treat on a hot summer afternoon, everyone loves a scoop of their favorite, frozen treat. And Nicecream Factory offers this and more.

Located in Market Common Clarendon at 2831 Clarendon Blvd., Nicecream Factory offers fresh, hand-crafted ice cream using natural, local ingredients, fresh milk, and liquid nitrogen. We dropped by on a hot Saturday afternoon, hoping to try something sweet and cold. The shop was relatively small, with most of its footprint taken up by the six ice cream making machines up front, and manned by a generous amount of staff. There were also some 3-4 small tables inside the ice cream parlor and 2-3 on the outside.

Their menu consists of six to seven flavors on rotation. On this day, they had Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon Candied Walnut, Caramel Latte, Orange is the New Black, Peanut Butter Cup, and Dark Chocolate. We sampled a couple before opting for Cinnamon Candies Walnut and Caramel Latte. You can get the ice cream in a cup or as a cookie sundae/ice cream sandwich. It was really hard to resist the sandwich option, but I opted for the small flavor cup.

They made the ice cream right before us by adding the syrup in the mixing bowl and pouring liquid nitrogen in the mixer which gave out thick white smoke, much to the amusement of adults and kids alike. The process only took a minute or so but the ice cream came out creamy, fresh, and delicious. If you are in a hurry and you can’t wait for them to make a fresh choice, they have some ready-made containers in the freezer you can pick. They also sell cappuccinos and hot chocolate.

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