Paint, Drink, And Enjoy At Muse Paintbar

Muse Paintbar is located at 2920 District Avenue, Fairfax, VA. Muse combines painting instruction with a restaurant & bar. It hosts painting sessions 7 days a week at all of its locations. All ages are welcome and no prior experience is required. They also coordinate private parties for any type of occasions like birthdays, bachelorette parties, work events, fundraisers, and kids’ birthdays.

At Muse Paintbar, you learn to paint in a social atmosphere that happens to serve snacks and beverages, including alcohol. You pay an inexpensive fee and join a class with a twist of party experience. You learn to paint with acrylics, onto either a 16″ x 20″ canvas, wine glasses, or mason jars. At the end of the class, if you like your work you can take it home with you. Admission includes a drink but of course, they hope that you’ll buy more.

Muse is open 7 days a week for at least one course, but that keeps it closed much of the day. Check the events calendar for daily art themes. Muse Paintbar donate 5% of its profits to local causes and work with many other fundraisers.

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