Stuart NesbittOne of the most important roles as a realtor is to set expectations for rental clients with regards to

  • Availability
  • Budget
  • Turn-around
  • Space

Some of the biggest shocks to renters include:

  • Having pets drastically reduces what’s available.  Large pets narrow the selection even further
  • Expecting a landlord to keep a rental vacant for over a month greatly reduces your chance of getting the unit
  • Short term leases (less than a year) cost a landlord substantially, both due to lost income from vacancy and the cost of restoring and finding a new renter
  • If you’ve looked at a half a dozen units and everything is way off the mark, then things are very unlikely to improve.

As a realtor it’s important to convey this information.  As a renter it’s important that your realize that ignoring your realtor’s advice will quickly land you without a realtor.  No one likes to be ignored, but more importantly your realtor doesn’t want to waste your time and the realtor’s time chasing possibilities that will never happen.

We serve renters with immediate and specific rental needs.

Our renter’s resource page will answer common questions like:

Andrew Patton
Andrew Patton
  • What is a rental agent?
  • How much do you charge?
  • What areas do you serve?
  • Where can I search for homes?


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Stuart Nesbitt is a Realtor® licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia. His office is located in Fairfax County near the City of Alexandria in Belle Haven. He was born and raised in Northern Virginia and attended Fairfax County schools. Call him at any time to discuss your real estate needs.