Are you looking for real estate in a particular subdivision?

Below you will find an exhaustive list of each and every subdivision (or condominium) with listings in Falls Church. This list is compiled from active listings today. This list is refreshed every 15 minutes or so to make sure that Nesbitt Realty is supplying accurate data which you can count on. The information listed below is pulled directly from the MLS database, so there are some quirks to be aware of.

You may find a subdivision listed more than once.

Firstly that the names of subdivisions (or condominium communities) collected below were all entered into the Multiple Listing Service by listing agents. Because humans entered the data, there can be spelling errors. Later, those spelling errors can be corrected and that correction makes it appear that a listing has sold when in reality the spelling on a listing was changed.

Not to mention, there may be some diffence of opinion as to what exactly a particular community is called. If there is even one character of difference between a couple of entries this will be counted separately. Hence, if you really need to get an accurate tally, you have to look at all possible variations of the subdivision's name. By way of illustration, Midtown condominiums in Fairfax County are sometimes called Midtown, Midtowns, Midtown condomiums, Midtown Alexandria, Midtown Alexandria Station.

"I saw a sign up but the subdivision isn't found below."

Is there another way to spell this particular neighborhood?
Naturally, for the reason stated above, make sure you watch out for all typical variations of the spelling.
Is the listing for lease?
This list does not include rental properties. Hence, it's possible that the sign you saw was for a rental property. Furthermore, this tally only includes listings on the market in Falls Church.
Is the listing coming soon?
An active listing is a property that is available and for sale. There are quite a few properties that have a sign up that are not active. For example, sometimes a for sale is posted because the property is coming soon. A listing that is coming-soon is not yet available and not yet for sale. Only agents can access to information about listings that are in coming-soon status. Furthermore, the MLS database does not allow Nesbitt Realty to count those properties in our tally. If you want to know about coming-soon homes in a specific neighborhood, you'll have to contact Nesbitt Realty directly.
Is the property under-contract?
And, it happens that a listing is already sold when you see the for sale up. Under-contract signs aren't posted the moment a property settles. Furthermore, sometimes that the Realtor is a less than prompt with putting up the under-contract signs. For these reasons, it's possible to see a sign posted when a listing is not active.

Do you need prompt notices about listings from a particular subdivision?

If you would like to be notified when real estate is active in a particular community, just let us know. Also, your agent can also give you specific information on a specific property when you reach out to Nesbitt Realty directly. Nesbitt Realty has a helpful Realtor that can quickly find the information you need.

You can organize the communities by count or alphabetically.

The arrows at the header below are useful for arranging the list. But, when you sort by number of active listings, just keep in mind the points above, because the number isn't 100% accurate. Still, the list is still useful. No properties available at this time.

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