Are you seeking real estate in a particular community?

Listed below you will see a complete list of every subdivision (or condominium) with properties for sale in Fairfax. The list below is compiled from listings currently available today. This list is revised every 15 minutes or so to make sure that we're supplying accurate data that you can depend on. The tallies listed below is taken directly from the Multiple Listing Service, so there are some quirks to keep in mind.

You might find a subdivision listed more than once.

You should know that the names of subdivisions (or condominium communities) listed below were all entered into the Multiple Listing Service by Realtors. Because humans entered the data, there can be typographical errors. Later, those typographical errors can be corrected and that correction makes it appear that a listing has moved from one subdivision to another when really the error was corrected.

Not to mention, there may be some disagreement as to what exactly a particular subdivision is called. If there is just one character of difference between two entries this will be tallied as different communities. Thus, when you really need to get a clear count, you should consider all possible variations of the community's name. For instance, Midtown condominiums near the Huntington Metro are by some people entered in as Midtown, Midtowns, Midtown condomiums, Midtown Alexandria, Midtown Alexandria Station.

"I saw a sign up but the subdivision isn't listed below."

Is there a different way to spell this specific subdivision?
Of course, for the reason stated above, make sure you look for all possible variations of the name.
Is the property for rent?
This tally does not cover rental properties. Therefore, it's possible that the sign you saw was for a rental property. Also, this tally only covers active listings in Fairfax.
Is the property in coming-soon status?
An active listing is a property that is available and on the market. There are many properties that have a sign posted that are not active. For instance, from time to time a for sale is up because the property is coming soon. A listing that is coming-soon is not yet available and not yet on the market. Only agents have access to information about listings that are in coming-soon status. And, the Multiple Listing Service does not permit us to list those properties in our list. If you want to know about coming-soon homes in a particular community, you'll have to contact Nesbitt Realty directly.
Is the listing under-contract?
And, from time to time that a listing is already sold when you see the sign up. Under-contract signs aren't posted the second a contract is signed. Also, it happens that the Realtor is a little tardy with putting up the under-contract signs. Because of these reasons, you may see a sign posted when a listing is not active.

Do you need regular notices about listings from a specific community?

If you want to be contacted when real estate is available in a particular subdivision, just let us know. Not to mention, we can also give you specific information on a specific property if you contact us directly. We can provide a hard-working licensed real estate adviser that can quickly find the information you need.

You can sort the communities by number or alphabetically.

The arrows at the header below are useful for arranging the subdivisions. In contrast, when you sort by number of active listings, just remember the tips above, because the count isn't 100% accurate. Nevertheless, the list is still useful.
Addicott Hills1 Active
Alden Glen1 Active
Ardmore4 Active
Barrister's Keepe1 Active
Beech Grove1 Active
Berkshire Woods3 Active
Bonnie Brae2 Active
Braddock Road2 Active
Braxton4 Active
Brecon Ridge Woods1 Active
Briarwood Trace1 Active
Buckleys Reserve1 Active
Burke Centre1 Active
Burke Centre Conservancy1 Active
Carriage Park3 Active
Cedar Lakes2 Active
Century Oak2 Active
Chesterfield Mews2 Active
Chestnut Hills West1 Active
Christopher At Cedar Lakes2 Active
City of Fairfax1 Active
Cloisters of Fairfax1 Active
Colchester Hunt3 Active
Colony Park1 Active
Country Club View3 Active
Courthouse Square1 Active
Courts At Wescott Ridge2 Active
Covington3 Active
Cyrandall Valley1 Active
Doveville1 Active
Elan At East Market1 Active
Enclave1 Active
Fair Chase1 Active
Fair Lakes7 Active
Fair Lakes Condo1 Active
Fair Oaks1 Active
Fair Oaks Chase2 Active
Fair Oaks Estates3 Active
Fair Oaks Green1 Active
Fair Ridge3 Active
Fair Woods1 Active
Fairfax2 Active
Fairfax Woods1 Active
Fairfax Acres2 Active
Fairfax Center2 Active
Fairfax Center Landbay2 Active
Fairfax Club Estates1 Active
Fairfax Gateway1 Active
Fairfax Ridge1 Active
Fairfax Ridge Condos2 Active
Fairfax Villa1 Active
Fairhill On the Boulevrd2 Active
Fairmont Estates3 Active
Fairview2 Active
Five Oaks Landing1 Active
Flats At Metrowest2 Active
Floyd Park1 Active
Foxcroft Colony1 Active
Foxcroft Colony Condos2 Active
Foxfield5 Active
Franklin Glen4 Active
George Mason Forest1 Active
Glen Alden1 Active
Glen Cove1 Active
Great Oaks4 Active
Greenbriar1 Active
Halstead At the Metro3 Active
Halstead At the Metro Ii1 Active
Hampton Court1 Active
Hampton Forest1 Active
Hawthorne Village4 Active
Heatherbrook1 Active
Heights At Penderbrook3 Active
Hickory Farms1 Active
Hickory Hills1 Active
Hunters Branch1 Active
Jaguar/Yorktown2 Active
Keys Crossing1 Active
Kiels Gardens2 Active
Kings Park West12 Active
Layton Court (mews)1 Active
Layton Hall1 Active
Lee Forest2 Active
Leehigh Village1 Active
Linda Maria Heights1 Active
Linden At Fair Ridge1 Active
Linden Square1 Active
Little River Hills1 Active
Lofts At Metrowest3 Active
Mantua1 Active
Mantua Hills4 Active
Maple Hill3 Active
Mason Park2 Active
Mayfair On Main2 Active
Metro Row7 Active
Metrowest1 Active
Middleridge3 Active
Mosaic At Merrifield1 Active
Mosby Woods2 Active
Mount Vineyard1 Active
North Hill2 Active
Oakton Hill1 Active
Oakwood Estates1 Active
Old Creek Estates1 Active
Pari Towns1 Active
Park At Fair Oaks5 Active
Penderbrook5 Active
Penderbrook Square Condominiums1 Active
Pickett's Reserve1 Active
Pine Ridge2 Active
Providence Square3 Active
Random Hills2 Active
Residences At Fair Chase2 Active
Ridgelea Hills2 Active
Ridgelea Woods1 Active
Roberts Square1 Active
Silverbrook1 Active
Stone Creek Crossing1 Active
Stonehurst3 Active
Sutton Heights2 Active
Sutton Place1 Active
The Atrium At Metrowest1 Active
The Enclave5 Active
The Towns At Pender Oaks3 Active
The Village Park2 Active
Tregaron1 Active
Vertain Park2 Active
Vienna Metro1 Active
Wakefield Forest Park1 Active
Warren Woods3 Active
Wescott Ridge2 Active
Westchester1 Active
Westmore1 Active
Willow Ponds1 Active
Windsor Mews1 Active
Woodbury Woods1 Active

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