Are you seeking real estate in a specific subdivision?

Listed below you will find an exhaustive accounting of each subdivision (or condo) with properties for sale in Clarendon. This list is compiled from active listings today. This list is revised often to ensure that Nesbitt Realty is supplying timely tallies which you may count on. The tallies collected below is pulled directly from the Multiple Listing Service, so there are a couple of quirks to be aware of.

You may spot a subdivision listed more than once.

You should know that the names of subdivisions (or condominiums) collected below were all entered into the Multiple Listing Service by Realtors. Because humans entered the data, there will be spelling errors. Later, those typographical errors can be corrected and that correction makes it appear that a property has been listed when really the error was corrected.

Furthermore, there may be some variation as to what exactly a particular neighborhood is called. If there is just one letter of difference between a couple of entries this will be counted separately. Hence, if you really need to get a clear tally, you have to consider all possible variations of the subdivision's name. For instance, Midtown condominiums in Alexandria are by some people entered in as Midtown, Midtowns, Midtown condomiums, Midtown Alexandria, Midtown Alexandria Station.

"I saw a for sale sign posted but the community isn't found below."

Is there a different way to spell this particular neighborhood?
Of course, for the reason stated above, try to you double-check all possible variations of the spelling.
Is the listing for lease?
This list does not include rentals. Hence, it may be that the sign you saw was for a rental property. And, this tally exclusively covers active listings in Clarendon.
Is the listing coming soon?
An active listing is a property that is available and on the market. There are some listings which have a sign up that are not active. For instance, sometimes a sign is up because the property is coming soon. A listing that is in coming-soon status is not yet available and not yet on the market. Only agents have access to information about properties that are coming-soon. Also, the MLS database does not allow Nesbitt Realty to include those properties in our count. If you want to know about coming-soon real estate in a particular subdivision, you'll have to talk to Nesbitt Realty directly.
Is the listing sold?
In addition, from time to time that a listing is already sold or under contract when you spot the for sale up. Sold notices aren't posted instantly. Also, from time to time that the Realtor is a little tardy with putting up the under-contract signs. For these reasons, it's possible to see a sign up when a listing is not available.

Do you want prompt updates from a particular community?

If you want to be contacted when a listing is active in a particular neighborhood, just let us know. In addition, Nesbitt Realty can also give you specific information on a particular property when you contact us directly. Nesbitt Realty has an informed Realtor that can quickly find the information you need.

You can organize the list by number or alphabetically.

The arrows at the header below are useful for organizing the neighborhoods. On the other hand, when you sort by number of active listings, just remember the points above, because those tallies aren't always true. Still, the list is still pretty accurate.
1800 Wilson3 Active
38 Place1 Active
4600 Duke3 Active
A Melvin Lewis1 Active
Aaron Mountain1 Active
Abbots Woods2 Active
Abingdon1 Active
Abingdon Row2 Active
Abram's Chase2 Active
Abrams Pointe11 Active
Acadia6 Active
Accotink Bluff Estates2 Active
Accotink Heights2 Active
Adams Walk1 Active
Addicott Hills1 Active
Addison Heights7 Active
Aden Woods1 Active
Albin Acres1 Active
Albin Village1 Active
Alcova Heights5 Active
Alcova Row1 Active
Alden Glen1 Active
Alexandria8 Active
Alexandria House4 Active
Alexandria Knolls4 Active
Alexandria Overlook1 Active
Alola1 Active
Alpine1 Active
Alta Vista3 Active
Alta Vista Condo1 Active
Amberleigh4 Active
Amberwood1 Active
Ambrose Hills3 Active
Americana Fairfax4 Active
Amissville2 Active
Angelica Woods3 Active
Annalee Heights4 Active
Annandale4 Active
Annandale Acres1 Active
Annandale Terrace2 Active
Apple Mt Lake2 Active
Apple Mt Lake South1 Active
Apple Mt Lake West1 Active
Arc 34097 Active
Arcturus On the Potomac1 Active
Arden2 Active
Ardmore5 Active
Arlington15 Active
Arlington Heights2 Active
Arlington Oaks2 Active
Arlington Park1 Active
Arlington Ridge1 Active
Arlington Run1 Active
Arlington View2 Active
Arlington Village2 Active
Arlington Village Courtyard1 Active
Arlingwood3 Active
Armfield Farms2 Active
Arnon Meadow1 Active
Asbury Terrace2 Active
Ashby Heights1 Active
Ashdale1 Active
Ashdale-Birchdale3 Active
Ashland8 Active
Ashley Ridge2 Active
Ashmere1 Active
Ashton Heights5 Active
Aspen Hill2 Active
Astoria Condominium5 Active
Atrium Condo4 Active
Aura Heights2 Active
Aurora Heights1 Active
Aurora Hills3 Active
Autumn Chase Hunt3 Active
Autumn Hills Estates1 Active
Autumn Woods3 Active
Avendale Woodland Grove2 Active
Avery Park1 Active
Avondale Acres2 Active
Avondale Estates1 Active
Ay View Estates1 Active
Ayrhill Estates1 Active
Azalea Acres1 Active
Baldwin Grove2 Active
Ballantrae Farms4 Active
Balls Hill2 Active
Ballsford1 Active
Ballston12 Active
Ballston 8802 Active
Ballston Area Townhouses2 Active
Ballston Crossing2 Active
Ballston Park1 Active
Ballston Place1 Active
Ballston Walk1 Active
Barcroft5 Active
Barcroft Hills5 Active
Barcroft Mews1 Active
Barr1 Active
Barrington2 Active
Barristers Place2 Active
Barron Heights4 Active
Barros Circle1 Active
Bashford Lane Cluster1 Active
Battery Heights4 Active
Battlefield Bluff2 Active
Bay Side Park1 Active
Beach Mill Estates1 Active
Beacon Manor2 Active
Bearings North1 Active
Bearings South2 Active
Beau Ridge Estates5 Active
Beauregard Heights2 Active
Becket Glen3 Active
Beddoo Heights4 Active
Bedford Park3 Active
Beech Grove1 Active
Bel Air10 Active
Bel Alton2 Active
Bella Vista1 Active
Bella Vista Condominium4 Active
Belle Haven4 Active
Belle Haven Estates4 Active
Belle Haven Meadows4 Active
Belle Haven On the Green5 Active
Belle Haven Terrace2 Active
Belle Rive1 Active
Belle View Condominiums3 Active
Belle Wood1 Active
Bellevue Forest9 Active
Bellview Heights1 Active
Belmont1 Active
Belmont Bay10 Active
Belmont Center1 Active
Belmont Station2 Active
Belmont Town Center1 Active
Belvedere1 Active
Ben Franklin Park2 Active
Bent Tree3 Active
Bentana Park2 Active
Berkeley At Ballston2 Active
Berkshire2 Active
Berkshire East1 Active
Berkshire Oakwood8 Active
Berkshire Woods3 Active
Bethelen Woods3 Active
Beulah Heights1 Active
Beverley Forest1 Active
Beverley Hills3 Active
Beverly Hills3 Active
Beverly Manor3 Active
Beverly Park1 Active
Bexley4 Active
Birchwood3 Active
Birnham Wood2 Active
Black Bear Crossing1 Active
Blackburn5 Active
Blackburn Village1 Active
Blakelee3 Active
Blandsford1 Active
Bloomfield1 Active
Blooms Crossing16 Active
Blooms Mill1 Active
Blue Mountain4 Active
Blue Ridge1 Active
Blue Ridge Shadows8 Active
Bogers Fenwick Park1 Active
Boies1 Active
Bolling Brook3 Active
Bolling Brook Towers1 Active
Bolt Property1 Active
Bon Air5 Active
Bonnie Brae5 Active
Borden1 Active
Boston Ridge2 Active
Boulevard Manor1 Active
Braddock1 Active
Braddock Acres1 Active
Braddock Heights2 Active
Braddock Hills1 Active
Braddock Road2 Active
Braddock Woods1 Active
Bradfield1 Active
Bradley Forest2 Active
Bradley Square24 Active
Braemar4 Active
Braemar Ph 41 Active
Braemar-Tartan Village1 Active
Braewood1 Active
Bramblewood2 Active
Branch South1 Active
Brandon Village3 Active
Braxton3 Active
Brecon Ridge1 Active
Brecon Ridge Woods1 Active
Breezy Knoll1 Active
Bren Mar Park2 Active
Bren Pointe1 Active
Brenbrooke3 Active
Brenmill2 Active
Brenton Cove1 Active
Briarwood2 Active
Briarwood Court2 Active
Briarwood Trace1 Active
Bridgehaven4 Active
Bridlewood5 Active
Brigadoon1 Active
Brightwood Forest5 Active
Brilyn Park2 Active
Bristol House1 Active
Bristow6 Active
Brittany2 Active
Broad Run Oaks7 Active
Broadview2 Active
Brockwood1 Active
Brook Hills Estate4 Active
Brooke Farm3 Active
Brookfield12 Active
Brookhaven1 Active
Brookland Estates1 Active
Brookleigh3 Active
Brookside Park1 Active
Brookville Seminary Valley1 Active
Brosar Village1 Active
Broyhill Crest2 Active
Broyhill Forest7 Active
Broyhill Heights2 Active
Broyhill Langley Estates6 Active
Broyhill Park4 Active
Broyhills McLean Estates7 Active
Bryarton3 Active
Bryce1 Active
Bryce Mountain1 Active
Bryce Mountain Resort4 Active
Bryce Mountain3 Active
Bryce Mountain Resort2 Active
Bryce Mt. Resort1 Active
Bryson At Woodland Park4 Active
Buckhall1 Active
Buckingham Commons3 Active
Bucknell Manor1 Active
Buffalo Hill1 Active
Bufflick Heights1 Active
Bull Run Estates1 Active
Bull Run Mountain3 Active
Bull Run Mountain Estate4 Active
Bulls Neck Hundred2 Active
Burgess Square1 Active
Burgoyne Forest West1 Active
Burgundy Farm1 Active
Burgundy Manor1 Active
Burgundy Village2 Active
Burke1 Active
Burke Centre17 Active
Burke Centre Conservancy6 Active
Burke Cove1 Active
Burke Lake Cluster3 Active
Burke Lake Meadow1 Active
Burke Overlook2 Active
Burke Station Square3 Active
Burke Village2 Active
Busby Tract1 Active
Bush Hill1 Active
Bush Hill Woods4 Active
Byron Condominium2 Active
C D Dye1 Active
C M Lockhart1 Active
Cabells Mill2 Active
Cabin Hill1 Active
Cabin Village1 Active
Cambria Square2 Active
Cameron Glen1 Active
Cameron Heights1 Active
Cameron Homes1 Active
Cameron Park4 Active
Cameron Station23 Active
Cameron Street1 Active
Camp At Mosby Station2 Active
Cannon Bluff2 Active
Cannon Ridge1 Active
Canter Estates4 Active
Canterbury Square1 Active
Canterbury Woods4 Active
Cardinal Forest1 Active
Cardinal Crest3 Active
Cardinal Drive1 Active
Cardinal Forest5 Active
Cardinal Glen4 Active
Cardinal House7 Active
Cardinal Place1 Active
Carlin Springs1 Active
Carlin Terrace1 Active
Carlisle Heights1 Active
Carlton House5 Active
Carlton Place1 Active
Carlyle House1 Active
Carlyle Towers7 Active
Carlyn Park3 Active
Carol Square2 Active
Caroloc Estates1 Active
Carriage Park2 Active
Carrington1 Active
Carter's Mill37 Active
Carterwood1 Active
Castleton1 Active
Catesby Howard5 Active
Cathcart Springs2 Active
Cathedral Forest1 Active
Cather Estates2 Active
Caton Woods1 Active
Cavalcade2 Active
Cavalier Homes1 Active
Cavalier Woods1 Active
Cavalry Run3 Active
Cavendish1 Active
Cayden Ridge2 Active
Cedar Crest4 Active
Cedar Crest Estates1 Active
Cedar Lakes3 Active
Cedar Mill6 Active
Cedars of Mc Lean1 Active
Centre Ridge4 Active
Centre Ridge Land Bay2 Active
Centre Village1 Active
Centreville2 Active
Centreville Farms2 Active
Centreville Green2 Active
Century Oak4 Active
Century South1 Active
Century Village1 Active
Chain Bridge Forest2 Active
Chalet Woods2 Active
Champs Mill1 Active
Chancery of Kingstowne1 Active
Chancery Park1 Active
Chantilly1 Active
Chantilly Crossing1 Active
Chantilly Highlands6 Active
Chantilly Park2 Active
Chapel Square6 Active
Charing Cross1 Active
Charleston2 Active
Charleston Condo2 Active
Chateaux Condo1 Active
Chatham Square3 Active
Chelsea1 Active
Chelsea Court2 Active
Cherry Hill Townhouses1 Active
Cherry Run2 Active
Cherrydale4 Active
Cherrywood4 Active
Cherrywood Square4 Active
Chester Gap2 Active
Chesterbrook7 Active
Chesterbrook Estates1 Active
Chesterbrook Woods6 Active
Chesterfield1 Active
Chesterfield A Condominium1 Active
Chestnut Grove2 Active
Chestnut Grove Estates1 Active
Chestnut Hill2 Active
Chestnut Hills West1 Active
Chestnut Place2 Active
Chestnut Woods1 Active
Chimney Hill Estates4 Active
Christopher At Cedar Lakes1 Active
Churchill6 Active
Churchill Square1 Active
Cinnamon Creek1 Active
Cinnamon Ridge1 Active
Circle Condominiums2 Active
Circle Woods1 Active
City1 Active
City of Fairfax1 Active
City of Winchester4 Active
City Park Homes4 Active
Claremont5 Active
Clarendon4 Active
Clarendon 102110 Active
Clarendon Center3 Active
Clarenford1 Active
Clarkes Landing1 Active
Clarks Crossing3 Active
Clarksmill1 Active
Classic Ridge On the Occ2 Active
Classic Springs1 Active
Clayton's Rest1 Active
Clearview Manor2 Active
Clermont2 Active
Cleveland Heights1 Active
Cleveland House2 Active
Clifton3 Active
Clifton Crest1 Active
Cloisters of Fairfax2 Active
Cloverhill2 Active
Cobbdale2 Active
Colchester1 Active
Colchester Hunt4 Active
Colecroft Station2 Active
Coles Run Manor2 Active
College Park2 Active
Collingwood3 Active
Collingwood On the Potomac4 Active
Collingwood Springs3 Active
Colonial Acres1 Active
Colonial Heights3 Active
Colonial Park3 Active
Colonial Village7 Active
Colonial Village I1 Active
Colonial Village Ii1 Active
Colonies of Madrillon1 Active
Colony Park1 Active
Colony Woods2 Active
Columbia Forest3 Active
Columbia Heights2 Active
Columbia Knoll1 Active
Columbia Oaks1 Active
Columbia Pines5 Active
Columbia Place3 Active
Columbia Square1 Active
Colvins Glen1 Active
Commons of Arlington1 Active
Commonwealth Crossing1 Active
Commonwealth Place At Westfields4 Active
Compton Heights1 Active
Compton Village4 Active
Concord Green1 Active
Concord Village1 Active
Condon Manor of McLean2 Active
Condos At Carlyle Square1 Active
Confederate Ridge4 Active
Constance Cooper1 Active
Continental5 Active
Copper Crossing1 Active
Copper Mill Estates4 Active
Coppermill4 Active
Coppermine Crossing6 Active
Cornwell Farm1 Active
Cottage Farms2 Active
Cottage Glen1 Active
Cottage Park2 Active
Council Square1 Active
Country Acres1 Active
Country Club7 Active
Country Club Hills7 Active
Country Club Manor3 Active
Country Club View2 Active
Country Club/Lake Montclair1 Active
Country Creek1 Active
Country Park2 Active
Country Place3 Active
Country Squire Estates1 Active
Countryside View1 Active
Court At Mt Vernon1 Active
Courtbridge2 Active
Courtbridge of Arlington2 Active
Courthouse9 Active
Courthouse Hill4 Active
Courthouse Square1 Active
Courthouse Station3 Active
Courthouse Walk1 Active
Courthouse Woods1 Active
Courtland Park5 Active
Courts At Wescott Ridge1 Active
Courts of Chandon1 Active
Courts of Chandon Town H1 Active
Courts of Tysons3 Active
Covered Bridge1 Active
Coverstone1 Active
Covington1 Active
Craftown1 Active
Cramers Ridge4 Active
Crampton2 Active
Cregger1 Active
Crescent Hills1 Active
Crest of Alexandria1 Active
Crest Ridge Estates1 Active
Crestbrook3 Active
Crestwood2 Active
Crestwood Manor3 Active
Crofton Commons2 Active
Crosspointe5 Active
Crossroads Farm1 Active
Crossroads Village8 Active
Crownleigh1 Active
Crystal City4 Active
Crystal Gateway3 Active
Crystal Park1 Active
Crystal Park S5 Active
Crystal Spring Knolls2 Active
Cyrandall Valley1 Active
Cyrandall Valley North1 Active
D Evereux West1 Active
Dail Park1 Active
Dale City103 Active
Dale City Addition1 Active
Dana Heights1 Active
Danbury Forest5 Active
Dane Ridge Condo1 Active
Davian Place1 Active
Dawn Heights1 Active
Dearborn Terrace1 Active
Deepwood2 Active
Deer Park1 Active
Deer Valley2 Active
Deerfield Estates3 Active
Deerfield Farm1 Active
Del Ray16 Active
Del Ray Place1 Active
Devereux Station1 Active
Devland Estates1 Active
Devon Park4 Active
Devonshire Gardens2 Active
Difficult1 Active
Discovery Square4 Active
Dogwoods At Langley1 Active
Dominion2 Active
Dominion Crossing2 Active
Dominion Heights3 Active
Dominion Hills7 Active
Dominion Valley3 Active
Dominion Valley Country Club15 Active
Donaldson Run2 Active
Donna Lee Gardens7 Active
Donovans Nine1 Active
Dorsey Woods1 Active
Douglas Park10 Active
Dover Balmoral Riverwood5 Active
Doveville1 Active
Downscrest4 Active
Downtown Winchester1 Active
Dozer Mill Acres1 Active
Dranesville1 Active
Dry Run Tract 11 Active
Duke Condominium1 Active
Dulles Park Townhouses3 Active
Dunbarton2 Active
Dunbarton At Braemar2 Active
Dundree Hill1 Active
Dundree Knoll1 Active
Dunn Loring5 Active
Dunn Loring Gardens1 Active
Dunn Loring Highlands1 Active
Dunn Loring Woods8 Active
Dyes Oakcrest1 Active
Eagle Acres1 Active
Eagle Rock2 Active
Eagles Pointe5 Active
Earlys Green At Meadowbranch1 Active
East Falls Church1 Active
East Graham Park1 Active
East Market At Fair Lake1 Active
East Vienna Woods5 Active
Eastman Keys1 Active
Eastview At Ballston Metro3 Active
Eclipse On Center Park7 Active
Ecoland Estates2 Active
Edge Hill1 Active
Edgelea5 Active
Edgewater At Town Center5 Active
Edinburg Square10 Active
Edsall Bluff3 Active
Edsall Park4 Active
Effingham Farm1 Active
Egypt Bend Estates1 Active
Eisenhower Square4 Active
El Nido Estates1 Active
Elan At East Market1 Active
Elcino Manor1 Active
Elkwood1 Active
Ellery Place1 Active
Ellison Heights5 Active
Elmwood Estates1 Active
Elmwood Manor1 Active
Emerald Chase2 Active
Emma P Hume1 Active
Enclave1 Active
Enclave At Fair Lakes11 Active
Encore of McLean1 Active
Engleside7 Active
Engleside Cooperative4 Active
Englewood Mews4 Active
Eos Twenty-One1 Active
Estates At Breyerton1 Active
Estates At Eagle Lie2 Active
Estates At Wyndham Hills1 Active
Eton Square4 Active
Eudora2 Active
Evergreen Farm1 Active
Ewells Mill Estates1 Active
F A Crisman1 Active
Fair Chase3 Active
Fair Haven3 Active
Fair Lakes6 Active
Fair Lakes Chase1 Active
Fair Lakes Court2 Active
Fair Lakes Land Bay2 Active
Fair Oaks Chase2 Active
Fair Oaks Estates1 Active
Fair Ridge5 Active
Fair Woods2 Active
Fairchester3 Active
Faircrest1 Active
Fairfax7 Active
Fairfax Woods1 Active
Fairfax Acres2 Active
Fairfax Center2 Active
Fairfax Club Estates1 Active
Fairfax Farms1 Active
Fairfax Gateway1 Active
Fairfax Hills1 Active
Fairfax Homes3 Active
Fairfax Landing4 Active
Fairfax Manor1 Active
Fairfax Metro Square1 Active
Fairfax Ridge2 Active
Fairfax Ridge Condos2 Active
Fairfax Station1 Active
Fairfax Villa2 Active
Fairfax Woods1 Active
Fairfield1 Active
Fairfield Estates1 Active
Fairgreen Cluster3 Active
Fairhaven1 Active
Fairhill On the Boulevrd1 Active
Fairhunt Estates1 Active
Fairlington2 Active
Fairlington Arbor1 Active
Fairlington Commons2 Active
Fairlington Glen2 Active
Fairlington Green9 Active
Fairlington Meadows2 Active
Fairlington Mews1 Active
Fairlington Towne3 Active
Fairlington Village2 Active
Fairlington Villages15 Active
Fairmont Estates4 Active
Fairview4 Active
Fairview Court1 Active
Fairview Meadows1 Active
Fairways1 Active
Falcon Place1 Active
Falcon Ridge4 Active
Falls Church2 Active
Falls Church City1 Active
Falls Church Park2 Active
Falls Hill1 Active
Falls Park1 Active
Falls Plaza1 Active
Falls Station1 Active
Fallsmere1 Active
Featherstone Farms1 Active
Federal Hill1 Active
Fenwick Hills1 Active
Fenwick Park1 Active
Ferguson Hazel T1 Active
Five Oaks Landing1 Active
Fleetwood At Slate Run4 Active
Fletcher3 Active
Flint Hill Manor1 Active
Floyd Park1 Active
Folkstone1 Active
Fords Landing1 Active
Forest Colony1 Active
Forest Heights Estates1 Active
Forest Hills3 Active
Forest Knoll1 Active
Forest Park3 Active
Forest Vista1 Active
Forestville4 Active
Fort Barnard Heights2 Active
Fort Ellsworth1 Active
Fort Lyon Heights2 Active
Fort Williams Park1 Active
Fortnightly Square3 Active
Forty Six Hundred2 Active
Foster's Glen3 Active
Founders Landing2 Active
Founders Ridge1 Active
Fountainhead2 Active
Fountains At McLean10 Active
Four Seasons3 Active
Four Seasons Regime1 Active
Four Winds At Oakton6 Active
Fox Heritage2 Active
Fox Lair1 Active
Fox Lake1 Active
Fox Meadow1 Active
Fox Mill Acres Wellborns2 Active
Fox Mill Estates2 Active
Fox Mill Station2 Active
Fox Vale Estates1 Active
Foxborough2 Active
Foxborough/Kingsbrooke1 Active
Foxfield5 Active
Foxmill1 Active
Foxstone1 Active
Foxvale1 Active
Franconia Forest2 Active
Franconia Heights2 Active
Franconia Hills1 Active
Franklin Corner2 Active
Franklin Farm4 Active
Franklin Glen4 Active
Franklin Park11 Active
Fred E Unger1 Active
Frederick1 Active
Frederick Co.1 Active
Frederick County4 Active
Fredericktown1 Active
Fredericktowne1 Active
Fredericktowne Estates2 Active
Freedom Manor4 Active
Front Royal2 Active
Gables At Gunston1 Active
Gallahan Property1 Active
Gambrill Court1 Active
Garden City3 Active
Gardens of Crestwood1 Active
Garfield Estates1 Active
Garfield Park1 Active
Garrison Woods1 Active
Gaslight Landing1 Active
Gates Mill2 Active
Gates of McLean4 Active
Gates of Westfalls1 Active
Generation3 Active
Generation Townhouses1 Active
George Mason Forest1 Active
George Mason Village1 Active
George Washington Park4 Active
Georgetown1 Active
Georgetown Village1 Active
Georgetown Manor Estates3 Active
Georgetown South8 Active
Georgetown Village2 Active
Georgetown Vista1 Active
Gideon Green2 Active
Giles Overlook3 Active
Glen Alden2 Active
Glen Cove4 Active
Glen Forest1 Active
Glen Hollow1 Active
Glen Oaks Condominium2 Active
Glenbrooke Woods2 Active
Glencarlyn5 Active
Glendale Knolls1 Active
Glendobbin Hills1 Active
Glenkirk Estates6 Active
Glenmont Village1 Active
Glenmore4 Active
Glenwood Manor1 Active
Glenwood Mews1 Active
Golf Club Manor3 Active
Golf Course Island4 Active
Golf Course Square1 Active
Gooney Manor1 Active
Gore1 Active
Gouldman Acres1 Active
Governors Hill2 Active
Graham Park7 Active
Graham Park J L Cato1 Active
Graham Park Shores4 Active
Granberry Estates1 Active
Grand Hamptons Ii1 Active
Grand View Estates1 Active
Grandview1 Active
Grandview Estates1 Active
Grass Ridge1 Active
Great Falls7 Active
Great Falls Woods2 Active
Great Oak4 Active
Great Oaks5 Active
Green Acres1 Active
Green Ridge Cozzos1 Active
Green Trails2 Active
Green Valley7 Active
Greenbriar9 Active
Greenbriar Village3 Active
Greenfield Farm1 Active
Greenhill Crossing2 Active
Greens At Wescott Ridge1 Active
Greenway Downs4 Active
Greenway Heights1 Active
Greenwich3 Active
Greenwich Gardens1 Active
Greenwich Hills1 Active
Greenwood1 Active
Greenwood Farm2 Active
Gregory Heights1 Active
Grove At Arlington2 Active
Grove At Huntley Meadows2 Active
Groveton Heights4 Active
Groveton Woods2 Active
Gulf Branch1 Active
Gum Springs1 Active
Gunnell Estates1 Active
Gunston Commons2 Active
Gunston Corner2 Active
Gunston Hill2 Active
Hahn Property2 Active
Halemhurst2 Active
Hallcrest Heights1 Active
Hallmark2 Active
Hallowing Point River Estates3 Active
Halls Hill1 Active
Halstead At the Metro3 Active
Halstead At the Metro Ii2 Active
Hamilton Court1 Active
Hampden Heights2 Active
Hampstead Landing3 Active
Hampton Acres1 Active
Hampton Court2 Active
Hampton Forest2 Active
Hampton Manor Estates1 Active
Hampton Pointe1 Active
Hamptons Grove1 Active
Hamptons of Trentdale1 Active
Handley Heights1 Active
Hansborough5 Active
Happy Creek Knolls Section 42 Active
Harbor Point East Condo1 Active
Harbor Station1 Active
Harbor Terrace3 Active
Harbor View1 Active
Harbors of Newport2 Active
Harborside1 Active
Harmony Heights1 Active
Harmony Hollow1 Active
Harvest Ridge Estates1 Active
Hastings Estates2 Active
Hastings Hunt2 Active
Hastings Knoll1 Active
Hastings Marketplace1 Active
Haver Hill1 Active
Hawthorn1 Active
Hawthorne Village4 Active
Hayfield Farm8 Active
Hayfield View1 Active
Haymarket Crossing4 Active
Haymarket Town1 Active
Haynes Anderson6 Active
Hearthstone Village Oak1 Active
Heathcote Commons1 Active
Heathcote Commons Condominiums2 Active
Heather Glen2 Active
Heatherbrook1 Active
Heatherlea2 Active
Heights At Penderbrook6 Active
Henderson Woods1 Active
Heritage Court1 Active
Heritage Crossing3 Active
Heritage Estates6 Active
Heritage Farms3 Active
Heritage Hunt20 Active
Heritage Woods1 Active
Herndon1 Active
Hersch Farm1 Active
Hickory Cluster1 Active
Hickory Farms3 Active
Hickory Hills1 Active
Hickory Ridge1 Active
Hickory Vale Farm1 Active
Hidden Estates1 Active
Hidden Meadow Estates4 Active
Hiddenbrook7 Active
High Knob7 Active
High Pointe At Jefferson2 Active
Highbridge2 Active
Highgate1 Active
Highland Estates1 Active
Highland Farm1 Active
Highland Mews1 Active
Highland Park8 Active
Highlawn Highlands1 Active
Highpointe1 Active
Highview Park9 Active
Hill View Estates2 Active
Hillside1 Active
Hillside Commons1 Active
Hillside Manor1 Active
Hillwood12 Active
Historic District1 Active
Historic Manassas4 Active
Historic Old Town1 Active
Hitaffer1 Active
Hites View Estates1 Active
Hoadly Manor Estates1 Active
Hoffman Heights1 Active
Holland Towne3 Active
Holler1 Active
Hollin Glen1 Active
Hollin Hall Village4 Active
Hollin Hills3 Active
Holly Acres1 Active
Holly Knoll1 Active
Holly Ridge At Lawnvale1 Active
Holmes1 Active
Holmes Run Heights2 Active
Holmes Run Park1 Active
Holmes Run Village2 Active
Holmes Run Woods West1 Active
Home Crest1 Active
Homestead Sleepy Woods1 Active
Homewood3 Active
Hope Hill Crossing1 Active
Hopewells Landing2 Active
Horizon House8 Active
Horseshoe Bend1 Active
Hume Springs3 Active
Hunt Valley Estates1 Active
Hunter Estates2 Active
Hunter Mill Estates2 Active
Hunters Creek3 Active
Hunters Ridge1 Active
Hunters Valley1 Active
Hunters Woods1 Active
Hunters Woods Village1 Active
Hunting Creek1 Active
Hunting Creek Club1 Active
Hunting Ridge4 Active
Hunting Ridge Estates5 Active
Huntington7 Active
Huntington At Mt Vernon2 Active
Huntington Club8 Active
Huntington Crossing7 Active
Huntington Mews1 Active
Huntington Station1 Active
Huntley1 Active
Huntwood Manor1 Active
Hybla Valley Farms2 Active
Hyde Park5 Active
Idylwood Towers1 Active
Idylwood Towers Condo2 Active
Idylwood Towers Condominium1 Active
Independence2 Active
Independent Hill3 Active
Indian Run Townhouses1 Active
Industrial School1 Active
Inlet Cluster1 Active
Irongate5 Active
Island Creek7 Active
Ivymount Court1 Active
J Wayne Adams1 Active
Jackson Manor1 Active
Jacksons Meadow1 Active
Jacksons Ridge2 Active
Jacobs Grove1 Active
Jacobs Park1 Active
Jaguar/Yorktown2 Active
Japonica2 Active
Jaudon Brown1 Active
Jefferson Green1 Active
Jefferson Manor4 Active
Jefferson Mews3 Active
Jefferson Park6 Active
Jefferson Residences2 Active
Jefferson Square11 Active
Jericho Road1 Active
Johnson1 Active
Johnsons Hill2 Active
Johnston Woodstock1 Active
Joshua's Mountain1 Active
Joshuas Mountain2 Active
Junewood Estates6 Active
K. Hovnanian's Four Seasons At Virginia Crossing15 Active
Keanon Ridge1 Active
Kearns Estates1 Active
Keene Mill Woods2 Active
Keene Mill Manor4 Active
Keene Mill Oaks1 Active
Keene Mill Village4 Active
Kemper Park1 Active
Kenny Estates1 Active
Kensington Courts1 Active
Kent Gardens6 Active
Kentland Farms1 Active
Kenwood Towers2 Active
Kenwood Townes1 Active
Kerill Woods1 Active
Key and Nash1 Active
Kibler1 Active
Kiels Gardens1 Active
Kings Manor1 Active
Kings Park8 Active
Kings Park West8 Active
Kingsbrooke3 Active
Kingsgate1 Active
Kingston Chase3 Active
Kingstowne22 Active
Kingstream2 Active
Kirk4 Active
Kirkside1 Active
Knolls of Dumfries1 Active
Lacey Forest2 Active
Lafayette Forest1 Active
Lafayette Park1 Active
Lafayette Park Condominium4 Active
Lafayette Park West1 Active
Lake Anne of Reston1 Active
Lake Audubon Place1 Active
Lake Audubon Terrace1 Active
Lake Barcroft2 Active
Lake Braddock6 Active
Lake Devereux2 Active
Lake Forest2 Active
Lake Frederick13 Active
Lake Front Royal8 Active
Lake Holiday Estates15 Active
Lake Jackson4 Active
Lake Jackson Shores1 Active
Lake Manassas8 Active
Lake Montclair3 Active
Lake Occoquan Club1 Active
Lake Pointe3 Active
Lake Ridge31 Active
Lake Ridge Lynnwood2 Active
Lake Ridge Pointe Condo2 Active
Lake Ridge- Hedges Run1 Active
Lake Ridge/Promontry Oak2 Active
Lake Terrace1 Active
Lakeford5 Active
Lakepointe4 Active
Lakeside Estates3 Active
Lakeside Plaza6 Active
Lakevale Estates1 Active
Lakeview Heights1 Active
Lakewood1 Active
Lakewood Manor1 Active
Lamps1 Active
Landmark Mews3 Active
Landmark Square1 Active
Landsdowne3 Active
Langley Farms7 Active
Langley Forest7 Active
Langley Manor1 Active
Langley Oaks2 Active
Lanier Farms5 Active
Larchmont1 Active
Laroche Property1 Active
Laurel Highlands1 Active
Laurel Hill2 Active
Laurel Hill Landbay6 Active
Lawnvale Estates4 Active
Layton Hall1 Active
Lebanon2 Active
Lee Forest1 Active
Lee Heights8 Active
Lee Oaks1 Active
Lee Overlook2 Active
Lee's Commons1 Active
Leehigh Village1 Active
Leeway Gardens1 Active
Leeway Heights1 Active
Leewood2 Active
Leewood Forest1 Active
Leicester Square1 Active
Leigh Meadow1 Active
Leisure Point1 Active
Lelands Pond1 Active
Les Maisons1 Active
Lewinsville1 Active
Lewinsville Heights1 Active
Lexington Estates1 Active
Lexington Square2 Active
Liberty5 Active
Liberty Park7 Active
Liberty Row1 Active
Lifestyle1 Active
Lifestyle At Sully Station4 Active
Lillian Court At Tysons1 Active
Limestone Terrace3 Active
Lincoln Estates1 Active
Lincoln Heights1 Active
Lincoln Park7 Active
Lincolnia Hills2 Active
Lincolnia Park4 Active
Linden At Fair Ridge1 Active
Linden Square1 Active
Lindendale1 Active
Lindenwood1 Active
Lionsfield Valley2 Active
Little River Hills1 Active
Little Rocky Run6 Active
Little Vienna Estates3 Active
Loch Linden5 Active
Loch Lomond5 Active
Loch Lomond/West Gate1 Active
Locust Level1 Active
Loftridge1 Active
Lofts At Metrowest2 Active
Lofts At Reston Station2 Active
Loisdale Estates2 Active
London Town West1 Active
London Towne2 Active
Long Branch1 Active
Long Branch Park1 Active
Long Ridge Estates1 Active
Longwood Knolls4 Active
Lorcom Grove1 Active
Lorcom House2 Active
Lord Fairfax Manors1 Active
Lorelei Estates1 Active
Lorfax Heights3 Active
Lorton Overlook1 Active
Lorton Station1 Active
Lorton Station South4 Active
Lorton Town Cntr Landbay2 Active
Lorton Valley2 Active
Lorton Valley North7 Active
Lost Acres1 Active
Lower Valley1 Active
Luray1 Active
Luray Landing6 Active
Lynbrook3 Active
Lynhaven2 Active
Lynnehaven1 Active
Lynwood1 Active
Lyon Park13 Active
Lyon Village20 Active
Mackall Farms1 Active
Madison1 Active
Madison Crescent7 Active
Madison Estates1 Active
Madison Farm2 Active
Madison Heights2 Active
Madison Lane2 Active
Madison Manor1 Active
Madison Mews1 Active
Madison Village1 Active
Madrillon Springs1 Active
Main Street1 Active
Malvern Chase1 Active
Malvern Hill2 Active
Manassas4 Active
Manassas City1 Active
Manassas Gateway2 Active
Manassas Park22 Active
Manassas Park Sec 11 Active
Manassas Park Sec 21 Active
Manassas Park Sec 53 Active
Manassas Park Station1 Active
Manassas Park Village1 Active
Manchester Lakes10 Active
Manors At Mount Vernon2 Active
Mantua2 Active
Mantua Hills4 Active
Maple Grove Estates1 Active
Maple Hill1 Active
Marguerite Perrel1 Active
Marina Towers1 Active
Market Street At Town Center6 Active
Markhams Grant3 Active
Marlan Forest2 Active
Marlboro Estates2 Active
Marlborough1 Active
Marlow1 Active
Marquette2 Active
Marquis At Vienna Station7 Active
Marumsco1 Active
Marumsco Acres3 Active
Marumsco Hills11 Active
Marumsco Village8 Active
Marumsco Woods5 Active
Mason Hill2 Active
Mason Neck1 Active
Mason Park12 Active
Mason Terrace2 Active
Massanutten1 Active
Maury Heights1 Active
May's Quarter1 Active
Mayfair of McLean3 Active
Mayfair On Main3 Active
Mayflower Square6 Active
Maymont Estates1 Active
Maywood4 Active
Mc Lean Chase2 Active
Mc Lean Hamlet1 Active
Mc Lean Oaks2 Active
McCarter Subdivision1 Active
McCoy1 Active
McGrath Lake Jackson Sho1 Active
McHenry Heights1 Active
McKinley Manor1 Active
McLean Crest1 Active
McLean Falls At Chinquap1 Active
McLean House4 Active
McLean House North7 Active
McLean Manor4 Active
McLean Mews3 Active
McLean Place Townhome4 Active
McLean Province1 Active
McNair Farms1 Active
McNair Farms Land Bay 22 Active
McNair Farms Landbay 112 Active
McNair Farms Landbay 61 Active
McNair Farms West2 Active
Meadow Branch4 Active
Meadow Branch South1 Active
Meadow Brook2 Active
Meadow Trace1 Active
Meadowbranch1 Active
Meadowbrook Woods1 Active
Meadows At Morris Farm1 Active
Meadows Edge3 Active
Meadows of Chantilly6 Active
Meadows the2 Active
Megeath1 Active
Memorial Heights2 Active
Meridian Park1 Active
Merrell Park1 Active
Merry Mews1 Active
Merrywood On the Potomac4 Active
Metro Row7 Active
Metropark At Arrowbrook7 Active
Metrowest3 Active
Meyers Indian Run Park2 Active
Middle Valley1 Active
Middleford2 Active
Middleridge5 Active
Middletown1 Active
Midtown Alexandria Station1 Active
Midtown Alexandria Station Condominium9 Active
Midtown At Reston Town Center10 Active
Milburn Terrace9 Active
Milestone2 Active
Mill Branch1 Active
Mill Creek Park2 Active
Mill Race Estates1 Active
Mill Run Crossing1 Active
Mill Stream1 Active
Miller Heights1 Active
Miller Street1 Active
Millwood2 Active
Milway Meadows1 Active
Minnieville Manor3 Active
Minor Hill3 Active
Mission Heights2 Active
Moidone Acres1 Active
Monacan Estates1 Active
Moncure Woods1 Active
Moncures Ballston1 Active
Moneys Corner2 Active
Monroe1 Active
Monroe At Virginia Square1 Active
Monroe Manor1 Active
Montclair21 Active
Montclair St31 Active
Montclair St41 Active
Montclair Waters Edge1 Active
Montclair/Country Club4 Active
Montebello3 Active
Montebello Condo9 Active
Monterey Estates1 Active
Monticello Forest2 Active
Monticello of Tysons1 Active
Monticello Woods1 Active
Montyville Estates2 Active
Moor Green Estates1 Active
Moorefield2 Active
Morgan At McLean2 Active
Mosaic District1 Active
Mosby Heights1 Active
Mosby Ridge Condo1 Active
Mosby Station1 Active
Mosby Woods3 Active
Mosbys Landing1 Active
Mount Ida1 Active
Mount Vernon Grove1 Active
Mount Vernon Hills1 Active
Mount Vernon Lakes2 Active
Mount Vineyard1 Active
Mount Zephyr5 Active
Mount Zephyr Commons1 Active
Mountain Farm1 Active
Mountain Valley Estates1 Active
Mountain View1 Active
Mt Pleasant4 Active
Mt Vernon1 Active
Mt Vernon Estates1 Active
Mt Vernon Grove1 Active
Mt Vernon Hills1 Active
Mt Vernon Square Townhouse1 Active
Mt Vernon Valley1 Active
Mt Vernon Woods3 Active
Mt Zephyr3 Active
Mt. Falls1 Active
Munson Hill1 Active
Murmuring Pines2 Active
N/A1 Active
Nantucket3 Active
Nantucket At Reston2 Active
Nauck Green Valley1 Active
Navy1 Active
Neabsco Hills1 Active
Neabsco Landing1 Active
Near Fairfax1 Active
Near Falls Church1 Active
Neighborhood1 Active
Nethergate2 Active
New Alexandria2 Active
New Bristow Village3 Active
New Market2 Active
New Providence Village1 Active
Newgate1 Active
Newgate Forest1 Active
Newington Forest12 Active
Newington Heights1 Active
Newington Station6 Active
Newlins Hill1 Active
Newport7 Active
Newport Cluster1 Active
Newport Estates1 Active
Nicole Marie Court1 Active
No4 Active
Noble Estates1 Active
Nokesville4 Active
North Arlington2 Active
North Barcroft1 Active
North End1 Active
North Glebe Mews2 Active
North Hill16 Active
North Springfield19 Active
Northampton At Kingstowne1 Active
Northampton Place3 Active
Northgate Condo2 Active
Not Available1 Active
Nottoway2 Active
Oak Haven1 Active
Oak Hill4 Active
Oak Hill Reserve1 Active
Oak Park Condo3 Active
Oak Pointe1 Active
Oak Ridge1 Active
Oak Run Park1 Active
Oak Valley2 Active
Oakcrest6 Active
Oakdale Crossing3 Active
Oakdale Park1 Active
Oakenshaw1 Active
Oakleigh2 Active
Oakmont1 Active
Oakton1 Active
Oakton Village1 Active
Oakton Glade1 Active
Oakton Glen4 Active
Oakton Plantation2 Active
Oakwood Commons At Burke1 Active
Oakwood Estates1 Active
Occoquan1 Active
Occoquan Overlook1 Active
Occoquan Ridge2 Active
Occoquan Ridge Condo2 Active
Oden Ridge1 Active
Odyssey4 Active
Offutt Village1 Active
Old Bridge Estates4 Active
Old Centreville Townes3 Active
Old Courthouse1 Active
Old Dominion Gardens2 Active
Old Dominion Greens1 Active
Old Fort1 Active
Old Georgetown Estates2 Active
Old Mill Community1 Active
Old Mill Estates1 Active
Old Mill Ests Thompsons1 Active
Old Post Estates1 Active
Old Stone Mill1 Active
Old Town14 Active
Old Town Alexandria25 Active
Old Town Commons4 Active
Old Town Crescent1 Active
Old Town Gateway2 Active
Old Town Greens3 Active
Old Town Manassas2 Active
Old Town North26 Active
Old Town South2 Active
Old Town Village2 Active
Olde Belhaven Towne4 Active
Olde Oak Ridge1 Active
Olde Towne Square1 Active
Oliver Estates1 Active
Olympus Incl1 Active
Omisol Estates1 Active
One Park Crest5 Active
One Park Crest Condominium12 Active
Onondio5 Active
Opequon1 Active
Opequon Estates1 Active
Opequon Ridge1 Active
Opequon Terrace1 Active
Orange Hunt Estates8 Active
Orchard Crest1 Active
Orchard Valley1 Active
Orchard View4 Active
Outlook Condominiums1 Active
Over Lee Knolls4 Active
Overlook1 Active
Owens Wood1 Active
Ox Road Estates5 Active
Oxford Forest1 Active
Oxford House1 Active
Page Valley Estates1 Active
Paisley1 Active
Palazzo At Park Center3 Active
Palisade Gardens3 Active
Palisades Park1 Active
Palladium At McLean3 Active
Paradise3 Active
Paradise / Lands Bay1 Active
Paradise/Bull Run1 Active
Paramount4 Active
Parcreston3 Active
Pari Towns1 Active
Park Fairfax4 Active
Park At Fair Oaks1 Active
Park Fairfax1 Active
Park Glen3 Active
Park Place4 Active
Park Terrace1 Active
Park Towers1 Active
Parkeast1 Active
Parker Gray4 Active
Parkfairfax20 Active
Parkhaven1 Active
Parklawn1 Active
Parkside At Alexandria2 Active
Parkside Village1 Active
Parkview Condominiums1 Active
Parkview Hills2 Active
Parkway West3 Active
Patrick Henry1 Active
Pavilion On the Park5 Active
Peacock Station4 Active
Pembridge Heights1 Active
Pembrook Village4 Active
Pembrooke3 Active
Pembrooke/Victory Lakes4 Active
Penderbrook9 Active
Penderbrook Square Condominiums1 Active
Penderwood2 Active
Pendleton Park2 Active
Penn Daw Village2 Active
Penrose6 Active
Pentagon City4 Active
Pickett's Reserve1 Active
Piedmont17 Active
Piedmont Mews1 Active
Piedmont South2 Active
Pimmit Hills18 Active
Pine Glen1 Active
Pine Grove2 Active
Pine Grove Road1 Active
Pine Ridge4 Active
Pinecrest5 Active
Pinecrest Cluster1 Active
Pinecrest Estates1 Active
Pinecrest Heights2 Active
Pinewood Forest1 Active
Pinewood Greens3 Active
Pinewood Lake5 Active
Pinewood Lawns2 Active
Pinewood South1 Active
Pioneer Heights1 Active
Pitt St Station1 Active
Place One1 Active
Pleasant Valley6 Active
Plymn Owens Estates1 Active
Plymouth Haven5 Active
Poca Bella Farm1 Active
Pohick Estates5 Active
Pohick River Pines1 Active
Pohick Station2 Active
Pohick Village1 Active
Point O'Woods1 Active
Point of Woods4 Active
Point of Woods East1 Active
Pointe At Park Center5 Active
Polo Fields2 Active
Polo Ridge1 Active
Poplar Heights1 Active
Poplar Tree Estates3 Active
Port Potomac16 Active
Port Royal3 Active
Port Royal Condominium2 Active
Porto Vecchio4 Active
Possum Point2 Active
Potomac1 Active
Potomac Yards2 Active
Potomac Club7 Active
Potomac Club Condominiums1 Active
Potomac Crest3 Active
Potomac Fairways1 Active
Potomac Greens7 Active
Potomac Highlands1 Active
Potomac Hills5 Active
Potomac Overlook1 Active
Potomac Place1 Active
Potomac Reserve2 Active
Potomac Shores100 Active
Potomac Town Center4 Active
Potomac Yard9 Active
Potowmack Crossing2 Active
Potters Glen1 Active
Powell1 Active
Powells Landing9 Active
Powells Run Village Cond1 Active
Preserve At Westfields2 Active
Preston Lake1 Active
Prince William County2 Active
Prince William Town Center1 Active
Princeton Woods9 Active
Privacy & Seclusion1 Active
Promontory Oaks1 Active
Prospect House7 Active
Providence Park1 Active
Quail Hill1 Active
Quail Hollow1 Active
Queens Gate2 Active
Radnor - Fort Myer Heights8 Active
Rainbow Glen1 Active
Raintree6 Active
Ramblewood At Daventry2 Active
Ranchette Estates1 Active
Randall1 Active
Randolph Square1 Active
Random Hills3 Active
Random Hills Land Bay1 Active
Ranleigh1 Active
Rappahannock County2 Active
Raven Oaks13 Active
Raven Pointe5 Active
Ravensworth8 Active
Ravensworth Farm1 Active
Ravensworth Grove2 Active
Ravensworth Park1 Active
Ravenwing1 Active
Ravenwood1 Active
Ravenwood Park1 Active
Red Bud1 Active
Reflection Lake5 Active
Regency At Baileys2 Active
Regency At Creekside2 Active
Regency At Dominion Valley7 Active
Regency At McLean32 Active
Reids Prospect1 Active
Renaissance6 Active
Renaissance At Tysons3 Active
Reserve At Hunters Ridge1 Active
Residences At Fair Chase2 Active
Residences At Liberty Center4 Active
Residences At Station Square1 Active
Residences At Sullivan1 Active
Reston46 Active
Reston Station7 Active
Reston Town Center1 Active
Retlaw Terrace1 Active
Retreat At McLean and Mehr Farm2 Active
Rhodes Hill Square1 Active
Rhygate1 Active
Richland Estates1 Active
Ridge View Estates1 Active
Ridgefield Crossing1 Active
Ridgefield Village1 Active
Ridgelea Estates1 Active
Ridgelea Hills1 Active
Ridgeleigh6 Active
Ridgeway Estates1 Active
Ridgewood1 Active
Ridgewood Estates1 Active
Ridings At Virginia Run1 Active
Rileyville1 Active
Rippon Landing13 Active
Ritter Mountain1 Active
River Falls3 Active
River Oaks8 Active
River Towers5 Active
Riverbend1 Active
Rivercrest1 Active
Rivers Edge1 Active
Riverside1 Active
Riverside Estates9 Active
Riverside Gardens4 Active
Riverside Station6 Active
Riverton1 Active
Riverview1 Active
Riverview Estates1 Active
Riverwood1 Active
Rivinus1 Active
Roan Stallion Estates1 Active
Robaleed1 Active
Roberts Place2 Active
Roberts Square1 Active
Robin Glen1 Active
Robinson Landing7 Active
Robinson Manor8 Active
Robinson Village3 Active
Rock Hill1 Active
Rock Spring5 Active
Rockingham County1 Active
Rockpointe1 Active
Rocky Branch1 Active
Rocky Run3 Active
Rolf Heights1 Active
Rolling Brook2 Active
Rolling Forest1 Active
Rolling Meadows1 Active
Rolling Valley8 Active
Rolling Valley West1 Active
Rollingwood2 Active
Rollingwood Village8 Active
Roscommon1 Active
Rose Hill2 Active
Rose Hill Farms12 Active
Roseberry1 Active
Rosemont14 Active
Rosemont Park1 Active
Rosslyn17 Active
Rosslyn Heights1 Active
Rosslyn Mews1 Active
Rotonda12 Active
Round Hill1 Active
Roxbury of Mt Vernon3 Active
Royal Oaks1 Active
Royal View Estates5 Active
Royal Village1 Active
Ruckers Langley6 Active
Runnymeade4 Active
Rutherford1 Active
Saigon2 Active
Saintsbury Plaza1 Active
Salona Village5 Active
Sanderling Condo1 Active
Saranac3 Active
Saratoga5 Active
Saratoga Hunt1 Active
Saratoga Townhouses5 Active
Savoy At Reston Town Center11 Active
Savoy Park Condominiums1 Active
Sawyers Cluster2 Active
Saxony Square1 Active
Saybrooke1 Active
Schwartz Acreage1 Active
Sedgewick Heights1 Active
Seminary Valley5 Active
Seneca Ridge1 Active
Senseny1 Active
Senseny Village8 Active
Sentinel of Landmark1 Active
Sequoia Lea1 Active
Sequoyah4 Active
Seven Oaks3 Active
Shad Row4 Active
Shadowbrook1 Active
Shady Brook4 Active
Shaker Woods7 Active
Shamrock Heights2 Active
Shannon Hills1 Active
Shannon Station5 Active
Shawnee Heights1 Active
Shawnee Land4 Active
Shawneeland10 Active
Sheffield Manor1 Active
Shen Farms1 Active
Shen Farms Chain Spring1 Active
Shen Farms Mt Lake7 Active
Shen Farms Mt View2 Active
Shen Farms Riverview2 Active
Shen Shores1 Active
Shenandoah8 Active
Shenandoah River Bend1 Active
Shenandoah Shores5 Active
Shenandoah Cliffs1 Active
Shenandoah Farms3 Active
Shenandoah Forest1 Active
Shenandoah Homesteads1 Active
Shenandoah Valley1 Active
Shenandoah, Lake Frederick1 Active
Sheridan Estates1 Active
Sherwood4 Active
Sherwood Hall2 Active
Shirley Forest2 Active
Shirley Park1 Active
Shirley Woods4 Active
Shirlington2 Active
Shirlington Crest2 Active
Shirlington Village2 Active
Shreve Glen3 Active
Shuters Hill1 Active
Sideburn1 Active
Signal Hill2 Active
Signal Hill Estates1 Active
Signal Knob1 Active
Silentree of Tysons1 Active
Silverbrook1 Active
Simmons Grove1 Active
Singletons Grove3 Active
Skyland Estates5 Active
Skyline Estates1 Active
Skyline House7 Active
Skyline Plaza5 Active
Skyline Square Condo4 Active
Skyline Village1 Active
Skyview Park2 Active
Skyview Towns1 Active
Sleepy Hollow7 Active
Sleepy Hollow Estates4 Active
Sleepy Hollow Manor2 Active
Sleepy Hollow Run4 Active
Sleepy Hollow Woods1 Active
Smc McLean1 Active
Smithfield Farms1 Active
Smokeyshire7 Active
Snow Hill1 Active
Snowden Bridge28 Active
Somerset3 Active
Somerset At Westridge1 Active
Somerset Condo2 Active
Somerset Crossing5 Active
South Ballston1 Active
South Kings Station1 Active
South Lake At Montclair1 Active
South Market4 Active
South Poes1 Active
South Run Crossing2 Active
South Run Forest3 Active
Southampton3 Active
Southbridge1 Active
Southbridge Cluster1 Active
Southdown Farms2 Active
Southern Hills7 Active
Southern Oaks1 Active
Southgate8 Active
Southgate Square Cluster1 Active
Southgate Vale1 Active
Southgate Woods Townhous1 Active
Southridge3 Active
Sovereign Village1 Active
Sperryville3 Active
Spriggs Run Estates1 Active
Spring Forest1 Active
Spring Glen1 Active
Spring Hill1 Active
Spring Hollow1 Active
Spring Lake Estates1 Active
Springbrook Forest1 Active
Springfield9 Active
Springfield Estates1 Active
Springfield Farms1 Active
Springfield Forest2 Active
Springfield Oaks4 Active
Springfield Park1 Active
Springfield Square2 Active
Springvale2 Active
Springvale Estates1 Active
Springwood2 Active
Spy Hill2 Active
Spyglass Hill1 Active
St Asaph Square2 Active
St Elmo1 Active
Stanley Forest1 Active
Stanton Park Overlook1 Active
Star Fort1 Active
Star Tannery1 Active
Starbrook Acres5 Active
Stark Addition1 Active
Statecrest Woods1 Active
Station Square2 Active
Stephen City1 Active
Stephens Landing1 Active
Stephens Ridge2 Active
Stepney Plantation Estates2 Active
Steppes of Barcroft2 Active
Still Oaks1 Active
Stillhaven1 Active
Stockbridge1 Active
Stonebridge At the Winery At Bull Run1 Active
Stonebrook Farms1 Active
Stonecrest2 Active
Stonegate3 Active
Stonegate At Faircrest3 Active
Stonegate At Landmark1 Active
Stonegate Mews1 Active
Stonehurst2 Active
Stoneleigh2 Active
Stoneridge2 Active
Stoneridge Knoll3 Active
Stonewall1 Active
Stonewall Estates1 Active
Stonewall Manor4 Active
Stoney Branch Crossing1 Active
Stoney Creek Woods1 Active
Stoneybrooke4 Active
Stonington1 Active
Stonington Condominiums1 Active
Stony Pointe2 Active
Stossel1 Active
Strasburg1 Active
Strasburg Land & Improvement Company1 Active
Stratford3 Active
Stratford Condo Bull Run2 Active
Stratford Condominiums3 Active
Stratford Condos1 Active
Stratford Glen2 Active
Stratford House1 Active
Stratford Landing7 Active
Stratford On the Potomac2 Active
Strathmeade Square2 Active
Stratton House1 Active
Stratton Woods1 Active
Strosnider1 Active
Stuart Ridge2 Active
Sudley7 Active
Sudley Place3 Active
Sugar Creek1 Active
Sulgrave Manor1 Active
Sulgrave Village2 Active
Sully Estates3 Active
Sully Station10 Active
Sully Station Ii6 Active
Summerday1 Active
Summers Grove1 Active
Summertree1 Active
Summertree Condo Apts1 Active
Summerwalk4 Active
Summit Oaks2 Active
Summit Walk2 Active
Sumner Lake2 Active
Sundance Retreat1 Active
Sunrise Square2 Active
Sunset Heights2 Active
Sunset Village1 Active
Surrey At Manchester Lakes4 Active
Sutton Heights11 Active
Sutton Place1 Active
Sutton Ridge1 Active
Swann Daingerfield1 Active
Swans Creek4 Active
Swinks Mill2 Active
Swover Creek1 Active
Sycamore Gardens1 Active
Sycamore Heights2 Active
Sycamore Lakes5 Active
Sycamore Ridge3 Active
Sycamores At van Dorn2 Active
Taft Towers1 Active
Tall Oaks7 Active
Tanners Cluster1 Active
Tannery Yard1 Active
Tara2 Active
Tara - Leeway Heights1 Active
Tarleton1 Active
Tattersall1 Active
Tauxemont2 Active
Temple Terrace2 Active
Templeton of Alexandria2 Active
Terra Grande2 Active
Terrace Lofts1 Active
Terrace Towne Homes of Gunston5 Active
Terrace Townhouses of Annandale2 Active
Tharpe1 Active
The Arlington8 Active
The Atrium3 Active
The Atrium At Metrowest1 Active
The Belvedere Condominium1 Active
The Boro Tysons14 Active
The Brittany2 Active
The Camp At Mosb1 Active
The Carlton1 Active
The Cavendish6 Active
The Chatham2 Active
The Colonies4 Active
The Commons On William Square1 Active
The Courts5 Active
The Courts of Fox Mill1 Active
The Cove2 Active
The Downs1 Active
The Enclave2 Active
The Enclave At Aylors Overlook3 Active
The Fairways1 Active
The Fountains3 Active
The Gatherings5 Active
The Glen2 Active
The Greenbrier Condo1 Active
The Guards3 Active
The Henry1 Active
The Jamieson4 Active
The Landing At Cannon Branch2 Active
The Meadows2 Active
The Meadows At Barnes Cr1 Active
The Mews2 Active
The Paddocks At Dowden Downs1 Active
The Palazzo1 Active
The Palisades3 Active
The Park At Courthouse3 Active
The Pavilion1 Active
The Phoenix Condominiums1 Active
The Ponds2 Active
The Preserve At Westfields2 Active
The Preston1 Active
The Regents At Lake Manassas1 Active
The Representative6 Active
The Reserve2 Active
The Reserve Condominiums3 Active
The Retreat At Westfields3 Active
The Royalton3 Active
The Sanctuary1 Active
The Seasons3 Active
The Sierra1 Active
The Signet3 Active
The Tallwoods1 Active
The Timbers4 Active
The Towns At Pender Oaks3 Active
The Towns At South Alex1 Active
The Trails4 Active
The Verse Condo10 Active
The Village At Cedar Creek1 Active
The Village Park1 Active
The Villages At Bristol1 Active
The Villages At Saybrook1 Active
The Villages At Saybrooke1 Active
The Waterview5 Active
The Weldon1 Active
The Weslie3 Active
The Wooster and Mercer Lofts1 Active
Thomas Mill1 Active
Thomas Shelton Estate1 Active
Thompson Hollow Acres1 Active
Thunderbird Farm2 Active
Thunderbird Ranch2 Active
Tiburon4 Active
Tiers of Manchester Lakes1 Active
Tiger Valley1 Active
Timber Ridge Farms1 Active
Timberlake Estates2 Active
Timberlane1 Active
Timberlane Village Garden Condominiums2 Active
Timbers1 Active
Timothy Park1 Active
Tivoli2 Active
Torpedo Factory1 Active
Towells2 Active
Tower Villas9 Active
Town and Country Estates2 Active
Town of Edinburg1 Active
Town of Shenandoah1 Active
Town of Stanley1 Active
Town of Washington1 Active
Town of Woodstock2 Active
Townes At Bluestone1 Active
Townes At Cameron Parke3 Active
Townes At Little River Crossing2 Active
Townes At Waterford2 Active
Townes of Burke1 Active
Townes of Manchester Woods1 Active
Townes of Moorefield3 Active
Townes of Orange Hunt2 Active
Townes of Tasker1 Active
Towns At Carters Grove2 Active
Trafalgar Flats8 Active
Treebrooke Condominium1 Active
Treeside1 Active
Tregaron1 Active
Tremont Gardens4 Active
Tripoli Heights2 Active
Tuckahoe Park1 Active
Turnberry Tower11 Active
Tweedie Woods1 Active
Twenty-One4 Active
Twin Lakes1 Active
Twin Lakes Overlook3 Active
Twin Oaks Farm3 Active
Twinbrook1 Active
Tyler Park4 Active
Tysons Corner13 Active
Tysons Green1 Active
Tysons Village1 Active
Tysons Woods1 Active
Union Park At McLean3 Active
Unknown1 Active
Valewood Manor3 Active
Valleigh1 Active
Valley Mill Heights1 Active
Valley Park Condominiums2 Active
Valley View2 Active
Valley View Estates1 Active
Valley Vue1 Active
Van Buren Village1 Active
Van Dorn Station1 Active
Van Dorn Village2 Active
Vannoy Park1 Active
Varsity Park1 Active
Vaucluse1 Active
Victoria Crossings At Manchester Lakes1 Active
Victory Lakes6 Active
Vienna7 Active
Vienna Oaks2 Active
Vienna Woods36 Active
Village At Falls Church1 Active
Village At Gum Springs2 Active
Village At Sherando1 Active
Village of Mount Air1 Active
Village Square1 Active
Villages At Falls Church1 Active
Villages At Huntington1 Active
Villages At Middletown1 Active
Villages of Piedmont1 Active
Villages of Piedmont At Leopold's Preserve1 Active
Villages of Piedmont Ii4 Active
Villamay4 Active
Villas de Espana1 Active
Vinewood1 Active
Virginia Center3 Active
Virginia Commons2 Active
Virginia Crossing10 Active
Virginia Heights2 Active
Virginia Hills11 Active
Virginia Oaks3 Active
Virginia Run3 Active
Virginia Square4 Active
Virginia Village2 Active
Viscose1 Active
Viscose City3 Active
W E Burke1 Active
Wakefield3 Active
Wakefield Chapel Estates4 Active
Wakefield Chapel Woods1 Active
Wakefield Forest3 Active
Wakeland Manor4 Active
Walney Glen1 Active
Walney Mills2 Active
Walney Road1 Active
Walney Village2 Active
Walnut Hill1 Active
Walnut Hill Estates1 Active
Walter Heights2 Active
Walton1 Active
Waples Mill Estates1 Active
Waples Mobile Home Park1 Active
Wapleton4 Active
Warren Woods1 Active
Warwick Village8 Active
Washington Plaza1 Active
Washington Square1 Active
Washington Virginia2 Active
Waterfall Village1 Active
Waterford3 Active
Waterford House3 Active
Watergate At Landmark17 Active
Watergate of Alexandria2 Active
Waters Edge3 Active
Waterview At Woodland Park2 Active
Waterview Cluster1 Active
Waterview Plantation2 Active
Waverly Crossing2 Active
Waverly East1 Active
Waverly Hills4 Active
Waycroft - Woodlawn1 Active
Waynewood9 Active
Wayside Village6 Active
Wea-Villa2 Active
Wedderburn Estates1 Active
Wedgewood1 Active
Wellesley5 Active
Wellfleet1 Active
Wellington5 Active
Wellington Commons1 Active
Wellington Estates3 Active
Wellington Heights1 Active
Wellington Villa2 Active
Wellington/Cloverhill6 Active
Wells Property2 Active
Wendover1 Active
Wentworth Green5 Active
Wentworth Place2 Active
Wescott Ridge4 Active
West End Condos1 Active
West Gate of Lomond10 Active
West Grass Ridge1 Active
West Lawn4 Active
West Lewinsville Heights11 Active
West Springfield3 Active
West Springfield Village4 Active
West Vienna Woods4 Active
West Village of Shirlington7 Active
Westbriar Condominiums2 Active
Westbriar Country Club Estates2 Active
Westbriar Country Club Manor1 Active
Westbriar Plaza1 Active
Westgrove3 Active
Westhampton Mews1 Active
Westhaven4 Active
Westlawn3 Active
Westlee1 Active
Westmarket4 Active
Westmont1 Active
Westmore2 Active
Westmore Gardens2 Active
Westmoreland Square3 Active
Westmoreland Terrace7 Active
Westover5 Active
Westover Hills2 Active
Westridge11 Active
Westside Station1 Active
Westview At Ballston Metro1 Active
Westview Ridge1 Active
Westwind1 Active
Westwood Estates1 Active
Westwood Manor5 Active
Westwood Village3 Active
Wexford1 Active
Wexford At Keene Mill1 Active
Weyanoke2 Active
Whisperhill1 Active
Whisperwood1 Active
White Oaks1 Active
White Oaks Estates1 Active
Whitehaven1 Active
Whitfield Green2 Active
Whitlers Creek Ii2 Active
Wickford1 Active
Wiilton House3 Active
Wilde Acres4 Active
Wilde Acres1 Active
Wilde Acres/ Mtn Falls1 Active
Wildwood1 Active
Wiley1 Active
Wilguson Hills2 Active
Willet Heights1 Active
Williamsburg Manor North2 Active
Williamsburg Square3 Active
Williamsburg Village2 Active
Williamstown5 Active
Willoughby Woods2 Active
Willow Creek Estates2 Active
Willow Lawn Cottages2 Active
Willow Oaks1 Active
Willow Run1 Active
Willow Woods8 Active
Willowbrook3 Active
Willowrun1 Active
Wilmar Place1 Active
Wilson Boulevard1 Active
Wilton House6 Active
Wilton Woods2 Active
Wiltshires Fair1 Active
Winchester5 Active
Winchester City8 Active
Winchester Historic District3 Active
Windermere2 Active
Windgate Ii1 Active
Windgate III1 Active
Winding Brook3 Active
Winding Creek Estates1 Active
Windsor1 Active
Windsor Estates3 Active
Windsor Knoll1 Active
Windsor Mews1 Active
Windsor Park4 Active
Windsor Plaza2 Active
Windy Hill3 Active
Windy Hill At Lincolnia4 Active
Winslow1 Active
Winter Hill3 Active
Winterport1 Active
Winters Ridge1 Active
Winterset4 Active
Wolf Trap Woods1 Active
Wolftrap Meadows1 Active
Woodbine Forest2 Active
Woodbine Woods2 Active
Woodborne Preserve1 Active
Woodbridge2 Active
Woodbrook Village2 Active
Woodburn Village4 Active
Woodbury Heights2 Active
Woodbury Woods1 Active
Wooded Glen2 Active
Woodfield Estates1 Active
Woodgate Crossing2 Active
Woodgate Manor7 Active
Woodhaven3 Active
Woodlake Towers2 Active
Woodland Glen2 Active
Woodland Park5 Active
Woodland Park Station17 Active
Woodlawn Mews2 Active
Woodlawn Terrace2 Active
Woodley4 Active
Woodley Hills5 Active
Woodmont2 Active
Woodside2 Active
Woodside Estates8 Active
Woodstock1 Active
Woodstream6 Active
Woodwalk1 Active
Worldgate1 Active
Worldgate Condo2 Active
Worthington Woods1 Active
Wyant Property1 Active
Wynfield1 Active
Wyngate Manor1 Active
Wynnewood1 Active
Xanadu Estates1 Active
Yacht Haven Estates1 Active
Yates Gardens4 Active
Yorkshire Acres3 Active
Yorkshire Park1 Active
Yorktowne Square2 Active
Z B Groves2 Active
Zouave Hills1 Active

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