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UVA Health is an outpatient imaging service that provides radiology services to patients throughout Northern Virginia. Their imaging service includes MRI, CT scan, arthrograms, ultrasound, and x-ray procedures. UVA Health is located at 6208 Multiplex Drive, Suite 100, Centreville. Visit their website to learn more. Nesbitt Realty Realtors provide real estate guidance to people in Fairfax County.

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Shopping for a good rental home is not always straight-forward. Depending upon demand, it often might be hard to spot available rental properties that still work within your price range. Of course, even in times when there is not a lot of of competition for the available rentals, renters may still have some complications finding the perfect home. The start of any rental search should start with the potential renter carefully identifying their needs and wants in a rental home. This accounting of needs will be change for every renter. While a few renters are simply seeking shelter not too far from work other renters are actually looking for a rental property which will serve quite a few purposes including pets or other needs. It is a good idea to arrange your needs to separate needs from wants because you'll probably have make compromises. Once a renter has an idea of the requirements he or she needs in a rental property, it's time to use our real estate guide to shop areas and specific rental properties.  This research will give the renter an education about the types of homes actually available now in Fairfax County. Many newbies are shocked by what's actually available. Renters can also help themselves in their search for a rental by seeking recommendations from a rental agent. Our agents understand Fairfax County and the surrounding area. We often can lead you directly to the right rental for you. [Read more about rental agents]


Many people, including those of us at Nesbitt Realty, believe that medical service providers are among the most treasured members of our community. If you are a doctor or nurse buying property, one of the barriers to cross will be your funds to close. But Nesbitt Realty can help, Nesbitt Realty can help with your cash at settlement. Speak with a Realtor to learn more about how much money Nesbitt Realty can save you. Not to mention, when you buy and market a home with Nesbitt Realty, we can save you even more money.

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