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Barnes Inspection Services offers home and commercial property inspection, radon gas testing and reporting services throughout Northern Virginia. It is located at 7836 Attleboro Dr, Springfield, VA 22153. If you're looking for information about real estate options near Barnes Inspection Services, Nesbitt Realty real estate professionals are standing by assist.  We are local experts at providing real estate management to people in Fairfax County. If your inquiries are about the inner workings of Barnes Inspection Services, we will mostly likely only guide you to other resources. But, we are more than able to answer questions regarding locations, neighborhoods, rental management and real estate affairs.


If you want to consult with a professional about home inspections in Fairfax County, contact a Realtor from Nesbitt Realty. Your home inspector will investigate the building. Based on that inspection the home inspector makes a report of any shortcomings the home inspector uncovers. Your real estate advisor can help you understand the next steps and all your options.

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