Parents considering a residence in this community will want to learn all about Greenbriar West Elementary School.

Both buyers or sellers in Fairfax get that a good elementary school can make a big impact in the value of a home in Fairfax.

Greenbriar West Elementary School is located at 13300 Poplar Tree Rd Fairfax, VA. The school provides instruction, including intervention support and enrichment opportunities, appropriate to the individual needs of the students. The school also encourage involvement of families and community members, for they provide invaluable support as the school strive to meet the needs of the increasingly diverse student population.
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The local schools can have a huge impact on the price of homes in Fairfax. For this reason it's helpful to check out nearby elementary schools like Greenbriar West Elementary School before you finally settle in on a neighborhood. Chat with a real estate professional about school ratings and to find out more about this neighborhood.

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