It's good to remember that Walmart Supercenter #3077 is close when you want it.

Just like Nesbitt Realty in Haymarket!

Walmart Supercenter #3077 is located at 6530 Trading Sq, Hay Market,VA 20169. They have a wide selection of items in electronics, home furnishings, toys, clothing, baby, and more. The main store opens every day from 6 am to 11 pm. The store also features the following departments and services:
  • Hardware
  • Patio & Garden
  • Kitchen Supply Store
  • Pickup and Delivery
  • Pharmacy
  • Bakery
  • Auto Care Center
  • Walmart Tech Services
  • Money Services
  • Connection Center
  • Deli
  • Home Services
  • Baby & Nursery Services
  • Patio & Garden Services
  • Fitness Equipment Assembly


Big box stores are omnipresent in America these days. Still, there is a great deal of variety in the types of big box retailers one will find in a given area in Haymarket. Does anyone move to a neighborhood because a Walmart Supercenter #3077 is around the corner? Probably not. But, it's nice to have the right retailer there when you need it.

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