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The Alden is situated at 1234 Ingleside Ave. McLean, VA 22101. They have an intimate theatre that has near-perfect acoustics and a welcoming environment. They feature international touring artists from the worlds of music, film, dance and theatre, and give you an up-close-and-personal experience with some of the best performers around. Also on offer at the Alden is the opportunity to introduce kids to the arts through the McLean Kids Performance Series or Jammin’ Juniors concerts in McLean Central Park. Nesbitt Realty Realtors are able to provide real estate advice to people in McLean. If you have specific inquiries regarding The Alden, our real estate agents are local experts. In other words, we can answer questions about neighborhoods, commutes, rental management and real estate affairs. If your questions are regarding the inner workings or practices of The Alden, we can only point you to other resources.


Of course, the arts and cultural sites atypically but here and there drive up real estate values in this section. Your Nesbitt Realty real estate agent can explain everything if you care to know. Of course, even when art galleries and theaters affect real estate prices , it's not by a great deal. So, what's important is whether proximity to the arts is critical to you.

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