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ARTfactory is located at 94119 Battle St., Manassas. Mostly featuring youth and local art, there's a small gallery immediately inside the main entrance. The building itself has an interesting history and storyboard displays in the lobby. The building's upper levels are also used for some local theatre auditions and gatherings, as well as for art classes. The ARTfactory is home to the Pied Piper Theatre. They offer classes and perform amazing productions a few times a year. They organize art gallery exhibits, train shows, and historical displays. They also provide community programs such as kids' theatre, music, and art featuring children and teens between the ages of eight and 18 and Children's summer theatre camps. It has ballroom dance classes for all skill levels.
Would you like to shop homes near the ARTfactory/Center For The Arts in Manassas? A agent from Nesbitt Realty appreciates the value of cultural centers.


Yes, theater and the art museums on rare occaisions but from time to time drive up real estate values in this section. Your Nesbitt Realty real estate pro can explain everything if you wonder why. As a matter of course, even when art galleries and theaters push up real estate prices , it's not by a lot. Accordingly, what's important is whether proximity to the arts is vital to you.

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