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About Clarendon Metro Real Estate

Clarendon Metro Station serves the Orange Line in Arlington VA.  Clarendon Metro serves nearby residents and businesses making this one of the most walkable places to live in Northern Virginia. Operating for Orange Line trains, Clarendon Station is located at 3100 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201. The station opens at 5:07 AM. There are 12 bike racks and 6 lockers at this station. Carsharing is available but there is no parking. 3 elevators and 8 escalators are spread out. First trains depart at 5:17 AM for New Carrollton and at 5:39 AM for Vienna/Fairfax-GMU. Trains leave 2 hours later on Saturdays and Sundays. Last trains are at 11:42 PM for New Carrollton and at 12:17 AM for Vienna/Fairfax-GMU. On Friday and Saturday nights, trains depart 3 hours later.

properties For Sale In Metro Clarendon

Entry-Level ($300,001 to $750,000) 2 Active
Premium ($750,001 to $1,100,000) 1 Active
Luxury ($1,100,001 to $1,500,000) 5 Active
Super Luxury ($1,500,001 And Up) 2 Active

properties For Sale In Metro Clarendon

Early 20th Century2 Active
Millennial1 Active
21st Century4 Active
Newer1 Active
Recently built2 Active

properties For Sale In Metro Clarendon

Small2 Active
Modest1 Active
Mid-Sized2 Active
Large2 Active
Very Large3 Active

properties For Sale In Metro Clarendon

2 BR3 Active
3 BR2 Active
4 BR3 Active
6 BR2 Active

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$1,299,000 at Clarendon

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