Court House

at the Arlington County Courthouse

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Area: Court House
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Live near Court House Metro and the Arlington County Courthouse in Arlington VA

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"Court House" Metro station is located at the Arlington County "Courthouse".  The area surrounding the courthouse is commonly called Court House owing the station here on the Orange Line. Like other stops on the Orange Line between Rosslyn and Ballston, Court House Metro Station is below ground, mostly below Wilson Boulevard.

Immediately surrounding the courthouse at Court House, there are a number of restaurants and shops, and a movie theater. The Arlington campus of Strayer University is right above the Metro station, making easily accessible to students across the DC metro area. High-rises, both residential and commercial, dominate the skyline near the metro, but just few blocks away one will find garden-style homes and single family homes. Verizon has a large employer headquartered here in Court House.

The Arlington County Courthouse contains the jail, police headquarters, and the Government Administrative Complex. Court House also holds it's place in history. The Union seized the area in 1861 during the Civil War. It is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Fort Woodbury once called Courthouse it's home, and today the fort's location has been replaced by the residences at Woodbury Heights.

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Real Estate For Sale At Court House

Single-Family Residences For Sale around Court Metro & Arlington Co. Courthouse

$2,325,000 at Lyon Village