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Lower Alexandria Real Estate

Map of Lower Alexandria Real Estate For Sale

Lower Alexandria

homes and condos for sale in Alexandria and Mount Vernon area of Fairfax County VA

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Lower Alexandria real estate agents

Nesbitt Realty can help you buy and sell real estate in Lower Alexandria.

Lower Alexandria is also called “South Alexandria” or just Alexandria.  Lower Alexandria is downriver from Old Town Alexandria and is thus just a little lower in elevation than Alexandria. Lower Alexandria includes the Fairfax County Districts of Mount Vernon and Lee.


Fort Hunt

Quiet Homes along the Potomac

In many ways, Fort Hunt is quiet and reminiscent of a time past. Read more about Fort Hunt. [idx-listings linkid="50731" count="3"]


Green lawns just outside the Beltway

Franconia is located just southwest of the City of Alexandria in Fairfax County. Read more about Franconia. [idx-listings linkid="50810" count="3"]


Organic neighborhoods near Alexandria

The well-planned neighborhoods of Kingstowne aren't for everyone. Read more about Groveton. [idx-listings linkid="100990" count="3"]


On the Metro Convenience

The well-planned neighborhoods of Kingstowne aren't for everyone. Read more about Huntington. [idx-listings linkid="50910" count="3"]

Lee District

Between Fort Belvoir and the Beltway

Lee District is one of nine magisterial districts in Fairfax County, and is located in Fairfax County near the I-495's Mixing Bowl. Read more about Lee District. [idx-listings linkid="50991" count="3"]

Mt. Vernon District

Waterfront, water views and tree-lined boulevards

Mount Vernon District is one of nine magisterial districts in Fairfax County, and is located in Fairfax County along the Potomac River. Read more about Mount Vernon District. [idx-listings linkid="51743" count="3"]

New Alexandria

Just south of Old Town Alexandria

The neighborhood here is quiet with very little "cut-through" traffic, making it surprisingly close (time-wise) to Arlington and Washington DC. Read more about New Alexandria. [idx-listings linkid="51115" count="3"]

More Neighborhoods

In general, postal Alexandria is more suburban than addresses in the City of Alexandria, but this is not always the case. A few of neighborhood in Alexandria of Fairfax County include:


Looking for detailed information on school test scores? How about information from local parents about Fairfax County schools?

Contact us if you need help identifying preferred school districts. Use our site to search by school district or just see what's available here:

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Homes for sale in Alexandria

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Lower Alexandria

For real estate in Alexandria VA contact Nesbitt Realty

Insight on Mount Vernon

Insight on Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon real estate agents.
Mount Vernon homes offer sprawling lawns with spacious residences. An advantage to these properties are their close proximity to urban amenities from their distanced wooded location. Waterfront properties are available in these parts. Boating is popular with some Mount Vernon residents. Mount Vernon can be seen as a midway point between Alexandria and Woodbridge. As […]


Real Estate by price range in Alexandria Virginia

Real Estate by price range in Alexandria Virginia

Homes by price
Shopping for Real Estate by price can narrow down choices. Prices can factor in maintenance requirements, such as lawn care or renovations. Prices can consider condominium fees for the community amenities. Additionally, prices can factor in taxes. Price can differentiate for square footage based upon the surrounding location. For condominiums, some features may adjust the […]


What zipcodes are in Alexandria?

What zipcodes are in Alexandria?

Alexandria real estate agents
Alexandria has a variety of neighborhoods ranging from detached single family homes in Fort Hunt to high rise condominiums at Midtown Alexandria Station. The weather in Alexandria varies throughout the year. For example, some winters are colder than others. The zipcodes above, coordinate to school districts in Fairfax County and the City of Alexandria.


Montebello’s Geographic Location

Montebello’s Geographic Location

view toward Alexandria
Montebello is off of Richmond Highway. This location is close to the Huntington metro, which is walkable unless you prefer the shuttle. Montebello has convenient access to Old Town, Alexandria and Belle View, which are both a short drive away. Montebello’s highrise buildings have some units that cast spectacular views of other parts of Northern […]


The Mount Vernon Trail is a Northern Virginia amenity

The Mount Vernon Trail is a Northern Virginia amenity

Along the Mount Vernon Trail a jogger and dog exercise
The Mount Vernon trail is a paved passage with some different parts, including wooded overlooks, up and down hills, and above water straight shot path. This amenity has various activity spots abound, throughout the extensive spread of landscapes. In the colder season there may be less fishing done and less retention of fitness participating humans […]