You could represent yourself

There are many pitfalls and only a slim chance at an upside with self-representation. Firstly, if you are your own agent you would need to know where to look for homes and then you would need to coordinate all showings with listing agents. Then, if you find a home you want to purchase you would then need to write your own contract. You would need to set-up your own inspections, appraisals, manage disclosures, order title. You’d also have to negotiate with the listing agent for a discount. Few listing agents will give such a discount because they know they will end up doing more work for less money.

Obviously for most people this risky option is not a good choice. If you choose to work with a Realtor, who should you choose?

Nesbitt Realty vs. National Chain Brokerage

Nesbitt Realty National Chain Realtor
• Access to MLS • Uses the same MRIS
• Every home listed for sale in Northern VA is on our website. • Uses the same Internet
• Hometown service • May or may not have a hometown connection
• Transactional Support • Same transactional support.
• All agents have immediate access to the principal broker. • Most agents do NOT have immediate access to principal broker
You’re part of our family. You’re another statistic.

We Make These Commitments to Every Buyer We Represent.

  • We put your needs first.
  • We use our experience to make your dreams become reality.
  • If we can’t add value we won’t accept your business.

  • You agree to use our services exclusively during the allotted time.

A family-owned family-run business.

  • We live here. We work here.
  • Nobody knows Northern Virginia better than we do.
  • Complete access to MRIS, Homes Database and other professional affiliations.
  • We are committed to finding the best home for you.

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