What is a Buyer’s Agent?

In the Commonwealth of Virginia real estate agents are individuals who are licensed to sell real estate.

  • All real estate agents must work under a real estate broker who manages and oversees the agent’s work.
  • A broker has a greater educational requirement and experience requirement than an agent.

Will Nesbitt is the principal broker of Nesbitt Realty.

Our broker is Will Nesbitt

Will Nesbitt:

  • Was born in Fairfax VA;

    Will Nesbitt
    Will Nesbitt is proud to be the principal broker of Nesbitt Realty.
  • Grew up in the Shenandoah Valley;
  • Was a Russian Linguist/ Signal Intelligence Analyst in the US Army;
  • Was an on-air personality at WAPP;
  • Nationally published writer and author of Battlestorm game system;
  • Was a lead-developer of a dotcom that was sold to a publicly traded company;
  • Licensed broker in Virginia and Maryland.
There are generally two types of agents:

  • Seller’s Agent — Listing agents provide representation for the home sellers.
  • Buyer’s Agent — A “selling agent” represents the buyer’s interests.

About Buyer’s Agents

  • All licensed agents use the same Multiple Listing Service to search for properties.
  • The buyer’s agent puts best interests of client above interests of all parties—including the agent’s own interests.
  • Client relies on agent to represent him or her and puts confidence and faith in the agent.
  • There is no charge to the buyer for our agent’s services.