Charts With Critical Data On Active {Location_Name} Real Estate

Nesbitt Realty {updates|revises|edits} the {data|information} in these charts {hourly|regularly|every twenty minutes}. {When|If} you {need|want|require} specific data about any {community|neighborhood|property|area} in or around {Location_Name}, contact an agent from Nesbitt Realty. The {chart below|data|chart} is drawn from {properties|homes} that are currently {on the market|for sale|active|on sale}. We {begin|start} {with price|here}, because {price|budget} is often the {least flexible|most inflexible} {factor|part|variable} in a {buyer|purchaser}'s real estate {equation|decision}. If you need help calculating a payment or figuring your closing costs, Nesbitt Realty can help. If you {need|would like|want} to {learn|read|see} more from any {particular|specific} {price group|pricing category}, click on the chart. This will take you to {active|live|up-to-the-minute} real estate listings.

How much do {properties|homes} in {Location_Name} Virginia cost?

Budget (1 to $300,000)451 Active
Affordable (300001 to $400,000)586 Active
Entry-Level (400001 to $550,000)1052 Active
Choice (550001 to $750,000)1286 Active
Premium (750001 to $950,001)835 Active
Luxury (950001 to $1,950,000)822 Active
Super Luxury ($1,950,001 and up)347 Active
How many bedrooms to you {need|require}? How many bedrooms {do you want|would you like to have}? {Every|Each} {buyer|family unit|family|purchaser} {is different|has different requirements|is special}. Your reliable Realtor from Nesbitt Realty can {help you find|guide you to} your best selection.

How many bedrooms do {properties|homes} {for sale|on the market} in {Location_Name} VA {normally|usually|typically} have?

Studio26 Active
1 BR332 Active
2 BR817 Active
3 BR1719 Active
4 BR1375 Active
5 BR706 Active
6 BR265 Active
7 BR105 Active
8 BR26 Active
9 BR7 Active
10 BR1 Active
While it's {often|usually} {not possible|impossible|not an option} to compromise on {price or number of bedrooms|budget or bedrooms|number of bedrooms or price}, {sometimes|occasionally} one can {make allowances|compromise} on the number of bathrooms. The number of bathrooms, and the condition of those bathrooms is an important {factor|part|variable} in determining the value of {a property|a home|real estate}.

How many bathrooms do {properties|homes} {for sale|on the market} in {Location_Name} VA {normally|usually|typically} have?

31436 Active
41364 Active
21202 Active
1537 Active
5414 Active
6184 Active
789 Active
882 Active
930 Active
1014 Active
011 Active
117 Active
125 Active
133 Active
151 Active
Do you {prefer|desire|want|need} a {condo|condominium}, {townhome|townhouse} or {single-family detached|single-family home|detached home}? The mix in {Location_Name} will change regularly, so check back.

What {kinds|types} of {real estate|properties|residential real estate} are available {to buy|for purchase}?

Detached2962 Active
Townhouses 1369 Active including :
Interior Unit Townhouse 909 Active
End Unit Townhouse 406 Active
Duplex 48 Active
Townhouse 6 Active
Condos 983 Active including :
Condo 923 Active
Penthouse 60 Active
Other 65 Active including :
Other 51 Active
Manufactured 9 Active
Garage/Parking Space 4 Active
Mobile Pre 1976 1 Active

What styles of {real estate|properties|residential real estate} are {for sale|on the market}?

{Each|Every|Each and every} {home|house} in {Location_Name} has a style.  That style {might|may|could} be {very|} {simple|modest|plain} but a {simple|modest|plain} style is {still|nonetheless} a style {of some sort||}. Style {can be defined by|comes in part from|evolves from|emerges from|springs from|flows from|results from} {ornamental details|embellishments|embellishments (or lack of embellishments)|adornments} {such as|like} {pillars|colonnades|columns|porticos|verandas|porches} and {trim|moldings|trim (or absence of trim)|pillasters|decorative trim|ornate moldings} and {partially|in part} from {more basic|functional|structural} {components|features}, {like|such as} the {location|placement|number|number and location} of {the|} windows and the {angle of|pitch of|shingles on|shape of} the roof. {Still|Yet}, {classifying|determining|identifying} {a precise|that|the exact} style {of the home|} {can be a baffling process|could be a little tricky|isn't always straightforward and is sometimes a bit fuzzy|is often imprecise|is not an exact science}. For instance, is {it|the home} {Spanish Colonial or Mediterranean|Italianate or French Provincial|Colonial or National|Art Moderne or Art Deco|Georgian or Federal|Craftsman or Arts and Crafts|Dutch Colonial or Colonial}? Furthermore, {what about|consider|how do you classify} {a|the} {newly constructed|newly-built} {house|home} {which|that} {looks like a mix-mash of different styles|seems to break all the 'rules'|has elements from more than one style}?

Style {is not a science|is an art not a science|will always be a form of art|is most often vague and imprecise}.

{In fact|Actually|It can be said that|In truth}, most {homes|houses} {don't fit precisely into|do not meet every criteria for|are not technically} {just|any} {one|one specific|one particular} {style|category}. {Often|Typically|It's quite commone for} older homes {may have gone through|have had|are updated with} many renovations, {thus|therefore} {taking on|absorbing|adding on} {the|} {aspect|element|feature|component}s of {several different|more than one} architectural {styles|archetypes|trends}. {Newly-built|New construction|Newer} {houses|homes} {regularly|often|frequently|will|can|may} {fuse|combine|mix|draw} {idea|aspect|element|feature|component}s from {several|a variety of|a couple of} {styles|historic periods|architectural trends}. This simple checklist {runs through|describes|calls out|identifies} {hallmark|standout|important} {aspect|element|feature|component}s to {note|look for}. {Of course|Although} there are no {exact|firm|scientific|pat} answers, each of these {aspect|element|feature|component}s suggests styles to {consider|put on your list}. There are a number of architectural {types|styles} {for sale|on the market} in {Location_Name} {at the moment|right now}.

Popular Styles

Colonial1935 Active
Contemporary723 Active
Traditional573 Active
Ranch/Rambler373 Active
Other186 Active
Craftsman157 Active
Split Level148 Active
Cape Cod133 Active
Split Foyer118 Active
Transitional101 Active
Unit/Flat93 Active
Raised Ranch/Rambler56 Active
Farmhouse/National Folk51 Active
Colonial, Traditional37 Active
Bi-level27 Active
Others668 Active
{Condominiums|Condos} {are found in|come in|are made in} {all shapes and sizes|every shape and size|all prices and types} in Northern Virginia. Some {cities|counties|areas} have {zero|no|few} {condo|condominium}s, but {others|other cities|other counties} {are loaded with|have plenty of|have many} {cities|counties|areas}. Depending on whether you are {looking to buy|shopping in|searching in} {Location_Name} or elsewhere in Northern Virginia, you {might|may} {be looking for|find} a high-rise {condo|condominium}, a mid-rise {condo|condominium} or a garden-style {condo|condominium}. In {a few|some} {communities|neighborhoods|areas|places} you {will|can|might|may} even {spot|find|buy} townhouse-style {condo|condominium}? Contact a{ Realtor| real estate pro| condo expert| condominium expert| local expert} to learn more about your {condo|condominium} {options|choices|selections}.

What types of condos are for sale in {Location_Name}?

Garden 1 - 4 Floors468 Active
Hi-Rise 9+ Floors383 Active
Mid-Rise 5 - 8 Floors132 Active
Do you really {need|want} {sidewalks|exterior lighting|landscaping|street lights|barbecue grills}? Is it {important|a requirement|critical} for you to have {play equipment|secure storage|outbuildings|flood lights|gutters|sprinklers}? Your competent real estate pro from Nesbitt Realty loves special requests and we have the {experience|tools|skills} to {identify|find} your most suitable property.

What exterior features are {available|popular} in {Location_Name} VA?

Sidewalks759 Active
Exterior Lighting529 Active
Street Lights373 Active
Extensive Hardscape307 Active
Gutter System194 Active
Outbuilding(s)164 Active
Secure Storage147 Active
Flood Lights147 Active
BBQ Grill137 Active
Underground Lawn Sprinkler126 Active
Play Area125 Active
Other125 Active
Lawn Sprinkler106 Active
Stone Retaining Walls104 Active
Bump-outs99 Active
Others488 Active
Do you {need|really want|desire|require} garage parking? If so, let your local Realtor from Nesbitt Realty know. We can find the {situation|property|home} that's {ideal|best|right|perfect} for you.

How many {properties|homes} {for sale|on the market} in {Location_Name} have garage parking?

Property has a garage3322 Active
No garage parking2057 Active
Do you {need|really want|desire|require} a basement? When you do, your trusted Realtor from Nesbitt Realty is {standing by|ready to go|eager to serve}. Your agent can find the {situation|property|home} that's {ideal|best|right|perfect} for you.

How many {properties|homes} {for sale|on the market} in {Location_Name} have a basement?

Property has a basement3304 Active
No basement2075 Active

{Thinking of|Considering|Pondering} Selling?

If you're {thinking about selling|weighing options|pondering a home sale|considering selling real estate|considering listing a property}, learn more about selling your {home|real estate|property} in {Location_Name}.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve your real estate needs.

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