Summertime fun at Potomac waterfront in Old Town Alexandria

Summertime in Alexandria is loads of fun. Tourists descend on our fair city, but we’re glad to have them as our guests.

on the boardwalk in Alexandria
At the Torpedo Factory and Potomac in Old Town

One of the places that you have to visit when you’re in town is also a favorite spot of residents: the Alexandria waterfront. The docks behind the Torpedo Factory Art Center are always bustling with activity. Every few paces you’ll find a street musician, street magician and other entertainer. There are numerous restaurants here: most of them quite nice.

Admiral Tilp
Admiral Tilp offers river tours in Alexandria VA

If you’re looking for a little fun on the water, you might want to take a cruse on the Admiral Tilp. The Admiral Tilp is docked here at the end of King Street and Union Street. The Admiral Tilp departs on the hour, so if you miss her, she’ll be back. The Admiral Tilp offers a narrated tour under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, past National Harbor and down to Jones Point. The on-board guide provides a historical and contemporary context to what you will witness on board.

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Farmers Market of Alexandria

Oranges And LemonsThe Nation’s oldest farmers market has been said to be the Farmer’s Market at 301 King Street, City Hall in Alexandria VA 22314. It was established in 1753.

The Farmers Market feature local produce vendors, art, handicrafts, wearable art and fresh baked goods that are offered every Saturday from 5:30 am till 10:30 am all through the year. Other vendors sell homemade ice cream, freshly made orange juice, honey comb, beeswax hand cream, scones, aromatics, quilts, dairy products, edible nasturtium blossoms, figs and so much more. Vendors are accommodating as well and offer samples of their goods.

Alexandria’s Farmers Market is situated 3 blocks away from the Potomac River.

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Amenities of the Torpedo Factory Condominiums

Life at the Torpedo Factory does not center around a swimming pool. The Torpedo Factory is about life in one of Northern Virginia’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

Most units at the Torpedo Factory are situated around a private formal and well-tended courtyard.

condos at the Torpedo Factory
crepe myrtles at the Torpedo Factory

Units come with garage parking in Old Town. If you know the colonial streets of Old Town, you know what a luxury this is.

intersection of Union and King Streets
Union and King in Old Town

The single biggest amenity at the Torpedo Factory is the neighborhood.

Torpedo Factory
Art Center


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