Take Part In The Dads Run This Town Cabooze Run

If you enjoy both beer and running then take part in the Dads Run This Town CaBooze Run every Wednesday at 7 p.m. and participate in your two favorite activities together. All paces and distances are always welcome to the Dad’s Run This Town CaBooze Run every Wednesday. If you want to ease in to running with a 0.00-mile run, meet at the Brewery an hour after the start. They will get you running sooner or later. The Dads Run This Town CaBooze Run starts at the Red Caboose in Vienna.Continue reading

Good places to hike and jog

This path offers trails that go into the woods
This path offers trails that go into the woods

Mt. Vernon Recenter trail

Nearby amenities are the Mt. Vernon Recenter (which has a pool, ice skating rink, gym, aerobics classes, party room, etc.), Westgrove dog park, and the Martha Washington Public Library. This trail enjoys backwoods outdoors that weave through the inside of forested woods of what is now surrounded by Bucknell, Belle View, and Marlan Forest. There is an entrance to deeper into the woods at Dartmouth Drive and Swarthmore Drive, as well as through the Recenter, near the parking lots, facing alongside the library and also inside the top of the hill of the Mt. Vernon Recenters property.

The interior of the woods along and near the Mt. Vernon Recenter trail has wildlife, such as deer, foxes, various birds, etc. The trail around the Recenter woods is paved and connects from two points, Fort Hunt Road side walks, and Quander Road side walks, which can be made into a circle by adding Belle View Boulevard into the  equation. This run can be transcendental. The nature is showcased by tall, aged trees.

Fairfax County’s Alexandria suburbs

Starting at Bucknell Manor the sidewalks are endless. A straight shot to Fort Hunt is possible, though some roads may not be as accommodating along the journey. Cutting through suburban blocks can be a pace that is weathering on the stamina. With a vision of making it through a 1-10 miles it can be eye opening to one’s knowledge of proximity of the region. For example, to know where a nearby shortcut is, can be refreshing.

To see a neighborhood after work and realize and value the wealth of Northern Virginia. For example, the well manicured lawns, the timeless architectures, the paved updated roads, the suburban landscape, and so on. Jogging into a different thoroughfare pays in exercise and appreciation to the Real Estate viewed. Fairfax County’s Alexandria suburbs are vast, and connect to businesses and amenities, amongst other things.

Richmond Highway

Not for those unwilling to do a long go through into a circuit that can connect to different tracts. The different tracts past history (in your round-trip physical activity) is useful in going around to see where you are in regards to geography. Richmond Highway has renowned marketplaces that sell from large stores, boutiques, grocers, dining establishments, and so on. Passing these by foot shows the jogger an accomplishment in completing a long run.

The stretch of commerce offered from this Highway, with sidewalks, is immense. One time I literally ran from my home to Verizon for a cable, while passing other businesses such as: Thrift Stores, Walmart, Lowe’s, Pet Smart, Michaels, TJ Maxx, Shane’s, Noodles and Company, McDonald’s, Home Depot, National Guard Recruiter, Pop Eyes, Home Goods, Marshalls, Panera, Subway, Target, Walmart again, Pizza Hut, Dunkin’ Donuts, Chinese food restuarant, Juliano’s, Planet Fitness, McDonalds again, Tobacco store, Giant, Safeway, Starbucks, Starbucks again, Subway again, bodega, bodega again, Costco, Tacos El Costalilla, Old Country Buffet, Autozone, Wells Fargo, Petco, Ford / Lincoln dealership, dealerships again, Cintron lock and safe. . . and many more. Going this way is is nice to go witness Alexandria from a different perspective.

Duke St. along City of Alexandria

It is nice to appreciate the history produced from centuries of traffic through Northern Virginia’s City of Alexandria, via Duke St. Duke St. has side walk openings and mostly safe roads for going for a run that can lead to many choices for a route. For example, Duke St. can lead to Eisenhower Valley and back. Running on Duke St. affords the opportunity to experience Old Town’s culture.

Duke Street has a side street link towards King St. Metro. Duke Street has a Whole Foods that is nice for healthy food. Running this goes towards West End. The advantage to this land is the residential luxury.

The Potomac River is next to the Mount Vernon Trail
The Potomac River is next to the Mount Vernon Trail

Old Town’s waterfront

The Potomac River is tranquil. Along the waterfront there are good views of the Potomac River and distant Maryland. Running next to the water is pleasant, due to the breezes. In Old Town there are several parks, including Founders and Oronoco that have trails that go parallel to the waterfront.

Additionally, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge offers dramatic panoramas of Real Estate in Maryland and Northern Virginia. Furthermore, Old Town’s waterfront specializes through delicious foods and drinks at many locations that can be smelled as one transitions through the tract. This passage tells of Potomac River influence upon the touching land; Captains Row and the brides dowrys. Potomac River ease in style is timeless.

Mount Vernon Trail

All the way to George Washington’s museum, home, farm, restaurant, etc, leads a treacherous run on the energy level. The Mount Vernon Trail is serene due to the George Washington Parkway. Traffic is placid and parallel to Potomac River water that is good for a boat. Real Estate around here offers easy exits which have roads that lead to inner Alexandria.

The Mount Vernon Trail run is paved. The Mount Vernon Trail is lavish in extent, grooming, consistency to life in health for someone who runs, etc. There are other activities that can be conducted on this location; fishing for bass or catfish or carp or snakeheads, etc, watching  birds such as Osprey, bald eagle, hummingbird,  nighthawk, etc, picnicing, beach bumming, taking a sailing lesson from the Belle Haven Marina, land sports.

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