Amenities of the Torpedo Factory Condominiums

Life at the Torpedo Factory does not center around a swimming pool. The Torpedo Factory is about life in one of Northern Virginia’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

Most units at the Torpedo Factory are situated around a private formal and well-tended courtyard.

condos at the Torpedo Factory
crepe myrtles at the Torpedo Factory

Units come with garage parking in Old Town. If you know the colonial streets of Old Town, you know what a luxury this is.

intersection of Union and King Streets
Union and King in Old Town

The single biggest amenity at the Torpedo Factory is the neighborhood.

Torpedo Factory
Art Center


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Single Women, Condo Living and Everything In-Between

womenRecent studies suggest that single women currently make up approximately 47 percent of the condominium buying market in the United States. The reason is pretty obvious, if you think about it. Condominiums are an increasingly popularly housing choice for single women because of the various benefits that condos offer including convenience, security, and often virtually maintenance-free living.

For starters, security matters. For single women living alone in large, urban areas, one of the many benefits of living in a condominium are 24-hour concierge and security desks, video and security cameras in hallways and stairwells, and gated or enclosed parking areas. So if you’re thinking about buying a condo, carefully consider first the kinds of security features and amenities that are available in the unit; very often peace of mind is worth its weight in condo fees. Additionally, it’s important to know your potential new neighborhood. Condominiums tend to be located in urban areas where there are other young, working professionals as well as families. Make sure you know your neighborhood inside and out before you make an offer on a condominium and check the local county website for crime rates, local community news, and other annual statistics and reports.

Next, convenience is the key. Another factor that is crucially important when considering buying a condo if you are living as a single professional woman. In many condominium communities and developments there are office personnel to receive packages as well as other day-to-day business services such as dry cleaning, tailoring, and spa and fitness facilities. Some of the larger condominium developments also feature even more advanced amenities such as a grocers, bank branches and ATM’s, and many other services that make a single working woman’s life just a little easier.

Finally, consider maintenance in relation to time and money. Many single family homes require lengthy, time consuming and ongoing maintenance such as painting every three to five years, worrying about pipes freezing during the winter or getting the rain gutters cleaned. While it’s true that you as a condo owner must be financially responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of your condo’s common area, typically condo associations oversee the day-to-day management of the property itself. What does this mean for the busy single woman? Well, if the doors stick and the roof springs a leak, you can bet that your sassy self won’t be called upon to find someone to fix it. But be sure to check your condo buildings’ rules and regulations first. Most condo associations have a list of rules and regulations that you will have to agree to before you purchase a unit in the building. These rules may limit the number and weight of pets; how many visitors you can have at a time including how often and for how long; if you can rent out your unit; and when you can have work done in your unit. Ask the listing broker for the complete set of building rules and regulations.

Before you make an offer on a condo you want to be sure to consider what matters to you most as a busy single woman and those major concerns include safety and security, convenience and location, and matters of maintenance compared to other home ownerships costs. Happy Hunting Miss Independent!

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Questions for your condo agent

condo Realtor
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Here are some common questions to ask your agent, your mortgage broker and yourself when you are thinking of buying a condo.

  • How much can I afford per month?
  • Is the condo is my price range?
  • Do I like the community?
    • Where are the grocery stores, shopping malls, bars?
  • Is there enough space for my needs?
  • What is the condition of the condo unit?
  • Do the common areas need repairs, renovations?
  • How old is the condo?
  • Is there a parking facility?
    • Is parking assigned?
    • Is there a fee to park?
    • Is there guest parking and if so where?
  • Does the condominium have access to public transportation?
    • Metro or bus only?
    • Shuttle or Limo service?
  • What are the chances that this condo will increase in value?
  • What type of security system is in place?
  • Does the condominium association allow pets? If so how many and what type?
  • What are the condo fees and what they include?
  • What is the condo association policy about renters?
  • How much is in the reserve fund?
  • Does the condo association have a certificate of insurance?

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Condo Repairs: Who Pays for What?

Everything built by man requires some maintenance at some point.

Even so-called maintenance-free homes require some attention. So when making the transition from renting to buying, one aspect of home ownership that must be considered carefully is maintenance.

Renters enjoy few advantages over buyers, but one benefit of renting is that in most cases renters needn’t worry about the expense maintaining a property. Many first time buyers aren’t ready to take on the hassles and expenses of yard work, gutter cleaning, painting and so on, and for this reason condos are a viable and interesting alternative.

In the case of a condo, maintenance can be separated into two categories: owner’s responsibilities and association responsibilities.

These exact nature of these duties and responsibilities will vary from condo to condo, but there are a few rules of thumb. For example, certain retirement communities provide maid service as part of the condo, but most often the condo owner is responsible for cleaning his own unit.

In most cases, the condo owner must clean the condo interior, including all windows which are reachable from the interior. The condo owner must clean of his or her private balcony or patio. Most renters are accustomed to this type of arrangement already.

Unlike renters, condo owners own the appliances in the unit. Thus, the condo owner cleans and maintains all the appliances, but the condo owner also pays for repairs and replacements as needed. A condo owner has the power to pick his own appliances, but with that benefit comes the duty of maintaining that unit.

In most older condos, the association supplies the heating and cooling to the unit, and the condo owner owns the convector or radiator (heat transfer appliance) in the unit. In new condos, the owner typically owns the HVAC (heat pump / air conditioner) that heats and cools his unit.

Plumbing and electrical concerns remain for owners of single family homes and townhouses, but in all but a few rare cases the condo owner need only worry about systems that are outside the walls. For example, the condo owner typically owns the bathroom vanity and the pipes supporting that vanity, but not the pipes which supply water and take sewage away from the bathroom. A condo owner owns his kitchen cabinets, but not the electrical wires inside the wall that bring power to his kitchen appliances.

In general, the condominium owner is responsible for his personal space, but the condo association is responsible for all common areas.  This includes maintaining and operating the elevators and outside doors.  In most cases this includes the windows. Most always, the association maintains the lawns, flowers and shrubs. The condo association maintains the roof.

While the owner of a single family home must maintain his own driveway, a condo parking lot is maintained by the condominium association. The parking garage can be private, common, or common with assignments.  If the parking garage is common, with or without assignments, the condo association will clean and maintain the parking. A private garage is the domain of the condominium owner.

Review your docs

Ultimately, you’ll want review your condo documents, charter and by-law to determine exactly how your condo association interprets its domain.  Rest assured, a condo owner will have more to maintain than a renter, but significantly less responsibility than the owner of a single family residence or townhouse.

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Need a garage in Old Town Alexandria VA?

For residents of Old Town Alexandria VA, parking is at a premium.  The charm of Old Town’s colonial streets is undeniable, but city planners in the colonial era never anticipated the SUV’s and luxury vehicles that line the streets of Old Town Alexandria VA.  Because parking is tight in Old Town one thing that choosy buyers seek out is garage parking.  Below is a list of homes for sale in Old Town that have 1 or more parking space. In addition we’ve included the nearby Carlyle District, because the new homes of the Carlyle District often have garages and close proximity to Old Town.

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Fairfax County Asks Residents For Help With Clean-up

Fairfax County officials are encouraging residents to help remove dirt and sod left on the roads by snowplows. Residents and business owners also are asked to replace any missing grass on their properties.

The county already is taking action on this issue with help from the Sheriff’s Office Community Labor Force (CLF). During the next few weeks, these crews will clean up dirt and sod from the roads as they perform landscaping at bus stops and parking lots across the county.

Because this problem is so widespread, VDOT won’t be able to clean up every one of the 17,000 miles of roads that they’re responsible for in Northern Virginia,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova. “This is why we’re asking for help from the community and the county is stepping in to assist too.

In many cases, the sod can be transplanted back on the sides of the roads.

The Sheriff’s Community Labor Force provides an innovative approach to incarceration and work release. The CLF partners with other county agencies to provide light landscaping services on county-owned property, saving taxpayer dollars. Labor crews, consisting of well-screened offenders, provide necessary services to the county that include graffiti removal, blight abatement, countywide litter pickup, bus stop maintenance, and overall beautification.

The CLF program participants can engage in meaningful work and develop employable skills. They also may earn “Exemplary Good Time” for their efforts, thereby reducing incarceration periods and the cost of incarceration to taxpayers.

Courtesy Fairfax County Government Website