Benefits of Belle View

Location, location, location! Belle View is a community located in New Alexandria, right outside of Historic Old Town Alexandria, off of the George Washington Parkway. Within the community you will find parks, playgrounds and recreation centers spread throughout the development. Belle View has much to offer from local dining to outdoor adventures, and a commuters dream with short drives to Washington DC and easy access to major highways and metro. There are endless benefits of living in Belle View.

Belle View condominium building
Belle View condominium building

If you are looking for convenient living, look no further. Belle View, being located between the George Washington Parkway and Route 1 allows for easy access to all major roadways and is less than two miles away from Huntington Metro. Across the George Washington Parkway is the Mount Vernon Trail and Dyke Marsh. It is here you can enjoy a scenic run or ride along the Potomac River or go boating, kayaking out of Dyke Marsh Park. Mount Vernon Recreational Center is a short walk away and features pools, an ice skating rink and a fitness center. Belle View also has a shopping center filled with a grocery store, restaurants, and a variety of specialty shops. Belle View is just the right place to make your new home.

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Live near Beacon Hill Mall in Groveton

sign at Beacon Hill Mall
Welcome to Beacon Mall

Situated near Huntington, Groveton, Montebello, Hunting Creek Club, Belle View, and River Towers, Beacon Mall provides everything from basic necessities to high-tech gadgetry.  Amongst the stores you’ll find Giant Food and Drug, Chipotle, Chevy Chase Bank, Lowes and many more.

Beacon Mall is in Alexandria, VA just south of the intersection of Richmond Highway (Route 1) and I-495/I-95.

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 Property near Beacon Hill Mall

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Did we get any snow?

Did we get any snow during the “Blizzard of ’09”? I’ll say …

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Foxy didn’t seem to be having as much fun as we were having. Maybe that was because her feet couldn’t touch the ground.

She stuck pretty close as we walked around the house. I told Julie, “Remember this fall when I saw the fuzzy caterpillar?”

She did remember that fuzzy caterpillar. My grandfather was a wealth of folk wisdom and he once told me that when the fuzzy caterpillars have 2 blacks and an orange that means we’ll have a cold winter. (Of course, two oranges and a brown mean we’ll have a mild winter.) Well, so far, the caterpillar called it right this year. He had two thick black bands and we’ve had a pretty cold winter.

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What does a property’s Walk Score score mean?

Will and Julie Nesbitt cross the street in Shirlington
Will and Julie Nesbitt cross the street in Shirlington

Walk Score helps people find walkable places to live. Walk Score calculates the walkability of an address by locating nearby stores, restaurants, schools, parks, etc. Walk Score promises to measure how easy it is to live a car-lite lifestyle—not how pretty the area is for walking.

Each home listed for sale is given a Walk Score. That number is between 0 and 100. Here are general guidelines for interpreting your score:

  • 90–100 = Walkers’ Paradise: Most errands can be accomplished on foot and many people can get by without owning a car.
  • 70–89 = Very Walkable: It’s possible to get by without owning a car.
  • 50–69 = Somewhat Walkable: Some stores and amenities are within walking distance, but many everyday trips still require a bike, public transportation, or car.
  • 25–49 = Car-Dependent: Only a few destinations are within easy walking range. For most errands, driving or public transportation is a must.
  • 0–24 = Car-Dependent (Driving Only): Virtually no neighborhood destinations within walking range. You can walk from your house to your car!

Walk Score isn’t perfect …

Home buyers need to be aware that Walk Score is just an approximation of walkability.

An evening of Fall in Del Ray
Walking to a restaurant on a Fall evening in Del Ray

For example, the Skyline communities of Falls Church generally have a higher Walk Score than the New Alexandria community of Belle View. River Towers has pleasant tree-lined walkways with easy access to neighborhood shops, parks, libraries, the Potomac. Skyline Square is convenient as can be, but broad and busy 4 lane roads make walking inconvenient, if not dangerous. But River Towers doesn’t score as high on Walk Score as Skyline Square.

So, there are a number of factors that contribute to walkability that are not part of the algorithm used to calculate Walk Score:

  • Public transit: Good public transit is important for walkable neighborhoods. Not to fear: you can also search for homes near a metro station.
  • Street width and block length: Narrow streets slow down traffic. Short blocks provide more routes to the same destination and make it easier to take a direct route.
  • Street design: Sidewalks and safe crossings are essential to walkability. Appropriate automobile speeds, trees, and other features also help.
  • Safety from crime and crashes: How much crime is in the neighborhood? How many traffic accidents are there? Are streets well-lit?
  • Pedestrian-friendly community design: Are buildings close to the sidewalk with parking in back? Are destinations clustered together?
  • Topography: Hills can make walking difficult, especially if you’re carrying groceries.
  • Freeways and bodies of water: Freeways can divide neighborhoods. Swimming is harder than walking.
  • Weather: In some places it’s just too hot or cold to walk regularly.

    Will and Julie
    Walking near Cameron Mews in Old Town Alexandria

Thus, the tools on our site are a great starting point in your search for homes and neighborhoods of Northern Virginia, but there really is no substitute for your Condo Alexandria realtor. We know the areas and neighborhoods where you want to live and we can really help you sort to the wheat from the chaff.

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