Metro Riders React To Huntington-Pentagon Express Shuttle Changes

Monday morning was the first time Metro riders could get a feel for changes the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has made to its Huntington-Pentagon express shuttles after a rough start for the Blue and Yellow Line shutdown between the Huntington and Pentagon stations.

Riders of the metro had expressed mixed feelings towards the changes. For some of the riders, the sting of last week’s mess are still fresh in their minds.

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Alexandria Bicycle Committee To Launch Mentorship Program For New Bike Commuters

With the pending shutdown of the Metro for the summer the Alexandria Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, a volunteer organization that promotes walking, biking and other active transport has launched a new mentorship program for commuters who are willing to bike to work during the shutdown. The program, which is coordinated by Josephine Liu will match mentees with a mentor who will assist them with specific needs such as planning a stress free route, riding safely and confidently in traffic and maintaining their work attire after the commute. Continue reading