Maintenance on a Rental Property

Maintenance on a rental property can be a confusing issue. Renters may mistakenly assume all maintenance is the responsibility of the leasing agent and maintenance staff but this is usually not true. In many cases the leasing agent and maintenance staff are responsible for maintaining the common areas and performing major repairs on the apartments but the renters do typically have some responsibilities. These responsibilities are often defined in the rental agreement and the renter should familiarize himself with this document to verify his rights if a dispute arises.

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Five Home Renovations That Can Deter Potential Buyers

  1. Luxury upgrades: Avoid trendy and frivolous renovation expenditures. Simple and relevant renovations are more likely to pay off in the long haul.

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  2. Garage conversion: Converting a garage to a family room can turn off potential home buyers. Some people want a garage and not a family room. Consider if you plan on selling in the future before you make the change.
  3. Adding a swimming pool: Unless you live in a place that is warm year round, a pool might not the the best idea. Pool maintenance can prove to be very costly. Some home buyers will factor in this cost and decide to pass on your home. Also a pool runs the risk of being a liability for small children.
  4. Bedroom conversion: Converting an office or master closet can deter a home-buyer. Some people prefer the home as it was built, without changes to the layout. If you are considering putting you home on the market, you might want to consider undoing these changes.
  5. Making it too personal: Personalized fixtures, colors, finishes, and paint jobs might not be what the person considering buying your home likes. Neutral finishes, colors, and fixtures are a safe bet. Potential buyers might think your home needs renovation if your personalization is not to their liking.

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