Fairfax County Physical Education Teacher Holds Online Classes

A Fairfax County elementary school physical education teacher has been holding daily online fitness events for students for the last two weeks. These classes feature stretches, short workouts, and challenges. Suzanne Metz, who is a teacher at North Springfield Elementary, said, “It’s just so fun, and … sometimes I wear my crazy pants and people get so excited about it. I’ve gotten such a great reaction.” Continue reading

New Trail Cycling Studio Offers Free Classes In Reston

Located at Lake Anne in Reston, New Trail Cycling Studio is launching its teen program on January 22. Classes will be offered every Wednesday at 4 p.m. for teens ages 12-17. The owner of the studio,  Liz Kamp, said, “the teen program has always been part of our plan. I started riding in my teens, and it was an important part of my teen years. It wasn’t just about the workout, but it was about being able to let go of the pressures outside the studio and just focus on me for 50 minutes.” Continue reading