Possible Choices For Home Purchasers With A Budget Of $650,000 And A Need For Proximity To Huntington Metro Stop

If you're considering homes for approximately $650,000, you'll want to talk to me Andrew Patton, a licensed real estate adviser specializing in trusted homes in Alexandria, Virginia at Jefferson Manor. Photo of 6017 Williamsburg Rd This slate of premium residences starts with 6017 Williamsburg Rd Alexandria VA. Photo of 6017 Williamsburg Rd Continue reading

Monika Can Sell Your Residence In The Springfield Area At Gambrill Court Fast And For The Best Price

Recently Sold duplexes In Springfield

What is your home at Gambrill Court actually worth? Monika can help you find the market value of your real estate in Springfield for free. When the time comes to sell your home in Fairfax County at Gambrill Court, it's appropriate to take into account what properties have sold in Fairfax County at Gambrill Court. That can give a real estate seller a starting point for determining your 3-bedroom property's value. Below, we're going to look at specific duplexes listed and homes that have recently sold.

Did you know that in in Fairfax County at Gambrill Court:

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What Is The Average Price Per Square Foot Of Real Estate In Alexandria?

Are You Dreaming About No Less Than 1,181 Sqft Of Duplex In Alexandria, Virginia?

For most home shoppers, the actual amount of living area in a property is important. Conversely, for some home buyers square footage of living is not a particularly important consideration Photo of 5708 Evergreen Knoll Ct Julie Nesbitt tells us that 5708 Evergreen Knoll Ct, Alexandria VA is an interesting opportunity at $495,000. Continue reading