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The charm and character of Belle View Condominium is alive and well.  This development, built in the 1950’s is located between Fort Hunt Road and the George Washington Memorial Parkway.  It sits on fifty six acres of land maintained well by the professional staff.  The following is a list of other reasons to like this neighborhood:

  • 980 units
  • Spring and Fall yard sales
  • Annual tree lighting ceremony
  • Pool parties for the whole family
  • Playgrounds for the kidsAlexandria-Belle View Shopping Center
  • Old world charm
  • Walking distance to shopping
  • Ample free parking in lots and on the street

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Sunny Days in Belle View

Wet and Dry days

Last year Belle View was sunny more than 65% of the year! With the weather warming up it is time to take advantage of these beautiful days. Belle View has much to offer for the sunny days to come. You can enjoy a walk around the neighborhood and stopping by the Belle View gazebo or one of the many parks in the community to enjoy the weather. Once it begins to warm up, there is no better way to sit back and relax than laying by the Belle View pool. Belle View is a great community to enjoy the sunny days to come! Take a minute and check out these great properties available in Belle View

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Six Reasons to Love Belle View

The location of a community can make it seem frustrating or relaxing.  This is true about one neighborhood in New Town Alexandria – Belle View.  This neighborhood offers many pleasant attractions that keep the tenants happy about the place they live.  Not only is Belle View close to the Potomac River and the beautiful bicycle and walking path, but it is also within walking distance to many conveniences.  To name a few…

  1. Safeway grocery store
  2. Subway restaurant
  3. SPOKESetc. bicycle shoppe
  4. Dunkin Donuts
  5. CVS pharmacy
  6. US Post Office

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Benefits of Belle View

Location, location, location! Belle View is a community located in New Alexandria, right outside of Historic Old Town Alexandria, off of the George Washington Parkway. Within the community you will find parks, playgrounds and recreation centers spread throughout the development. Belle View has much to offer from local dining to outdoor adventures, and a commuters dream with short drives to Washington DC and easy access to major highways and metro. There are endless benefits of living in Belle View.

Belle View condominium building
Belle View condominium building

If you are looking for convenient living, look no further. Belle View, being located between the George Washington Parkway and Route 1 allows for easy access to all major roadways and is less than two miles away from Huntington Metro. Across the George Washington Parkway is the Mount Vernon Trail and Dyke Marsh. It is here you can enjoy a scenic run or ride along the Potomac River or go boating, kayaking out of Dyke Marsh Park. Mount Vernon Recreational Center is a short walk away and features pools, an ice skating rink and a fitness center. Belle View also has a shopping center filled with a grocery store, restaurants, and a variety of specialty shops. Belle View is just the right place to make your new home.

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Why Belle View?

Learning From the Locals

This past week I had the opportunity to conduct quarterly inspections on several units that we manage in the Northern Virginia area.  Being new to the region, I was excited to see some of these properties for the first time.  This was not only going to give me valuable insight to the area, but it also would give me the chance to compare this area and the properties with what I already knew from the mid-west.

One thing that drew my attention right away was the amount of cars parked up and down the street on the way to my first inspection.  Parking spaces are precious in this area and after talking with the tenant in the first condominium I was to inspect, I realized why this was the case.

The Martha Washington library in Belle View has books, audio books, dvds, and more
The Martha Washington library in Belle View has books, audio books, dvds, and more

She explained to me that she loved living in her Belle View condo because of how beautiful the area is and how wonderful her condo is.  She also told me that she likes being in an area where so many people are physically active.

A point well taken, as I see many people daily walking, running, riding bicycles or just relaxing by the Potomac River from early in the morning to late in the evening.  This brings me to her last point about the area.  This area is inviting people to be active because it is so safe.

I learned much about the condominiums in this area inside and out.  I learned a lot about the area adjacent to these condos as well.  But, more importantly, I learned that some of the people in this area are not only intriguing, but also kind and vivacious.  Is this the neighborhood you're ready to call home?

Snow on the condominiums at Carlyle Square

Carlyle Square is conveniently located across the street from the USPTO in the Carlyle area of Alexandria VA not far from Old Town Alexandria.


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Condo Repairs: Who Pays for What?

Everything built by man requires some maintenance at some point.

Even so-called maintenance-free homes require some attention. So when making the transition from renting to buying, one aspect of home ownership that must be considered carefully is maintenance.

Renters enjoy few advantages over buyers, but one benefit of renting is that in most cases renters needn’t worry about the expense maintaining a property. Many first time buyers aren’t ready to take on the hassles and expenses of yard work, gutter cleaning, painting and so on, and for this reason condos are a viable and interesting alternative.

In the case of a condo, maintenance can be separated into two categories: owner’s responsibilities and association responsibilities.

These exact nature of these duties and responsibilities will vary from condo to condo, but there are a few rules of thumb. For example, certain retirement communities provide maid service as part of the condo, but most often the condo owner is responsible for cleaning his own unit.

In most cases, the condo owner must clean the condo interior, including all windows which are reachable from the interior. The condo owner must clean of his or her private balcony or patio. Most renters are accustomed to this type of arrangement already.

Unlike renters, condo owners own the appliances in the unit. Thus, the condo owner cleans and maintains all the appliances, but the condo owner also pays for repairs and replacements as needed. A condo owner has the power to pick his own appliances, but with that benefit comes the duty of maintaining that unit.

In most older condos, the association supplies the heating and cooling to the unit, and the condo owner owns the convector or radiator (heat transfer appliance) in the unit. In new condos, the owner typically owns the HVAC (heat pump / air conditioner) that heats and cools his unit.

Plumbing and electrical concerns remain for owners of single family homes and townhouses, but in all but a few rare cases the condo owner need only worry about systems that are outside the walls. For example, the condo owner typically owns the bathroom vanity and the pipes supporting that vanity, but not the pipes which supply water and take sewage away from the bathroom. A condo owner owns his kitchen cabinets, but not the electrical wires inside the wall that bring power to his kitchen appliances.

In general, the condominium owner is responsible for his personal space, but the condo association is responsible for all common areas.  This includes maintaining and operating the elevators and outside doors.  In most cases this includes the windows. Most always, the association maintains the lawns, flowers and shrubs. The condo association maintains the roof.

While the owner of a single family home must maintain his own driveway, a condo parking lot is maintained by the condominium association. The parking garage can be private, common, or common with assignments.  If the parking garage is common, with or without assignments, the condo association will clean and maintain the parking. A private garage is the domain of the condominium owner.

Review your docs

Ultimately, you’ll want review your condo documents, charter and by-law to determine exactly how your condo association interprets its domain.  Rest assured, a condo owner will have more to maintain than a renter, but significantly less responsibility than the owner of a single family residence or townhouse.

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