Selling Your Residence At Chain Bridge

8-BR 5 BA Residences That Have Sold At Chain Bridge

What's your home at Chain Bridge truly worth? Schofield Stewart can help you find the market value of your property in Fairfax County for free. Photo of 1260 Crest Ln Are you dreaming about selling your home at Chain Bridge? If so, it's smart to see what properties have sold for in the surrounding section. Those homes can give a home seller an idea of the list price for the detached home.

Did you know that in at Chain Bridge in 22101:

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Detached Home Real Estate Inventory Update

Facts and data about the current state of the single-family home real estate market in the area as of 05/13/2024

Are you mulling over the idea of buying a detached home in 22101? Of course, you should learn all you can about the market for houses in the area. Besides, many shoppers could be astonished by what is happening to the detached home real estate market in Northern Virginia. See below for more data about the current state of the single-family residence real estate market, including
  • single-family home inventory data,
  • what detached houses have recently sold in Northern Virginia, and
  • facts about single-family residences currently listed.
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What Makes McLean, Virginia a Premier Location for Luxury Homes?

Discover the Elite Community of Ballantrae Farms

McLean, Virginia, located in Fairfax County, is one of the most sought-after locations for luxury real estate in the Northern Virginia region. Known for its affluent communities, McLean offers not only top-tier schools and shopping centers but also boasts exceptional accessibility to Washington D.C. This post will delve into one such notable neighborhood, Ballantrae Farms, renowned for its grand estates and lush surroundings.

In Ballantrae Farms, the real estate market is vibrant, with properties averaging 59 days on the market. With living spaces averaging 7,347 square feet and a price per square foot at $606, the community caters to those seeking spacious and luxurious living. The highlight of the area is the $24,000,000 estate at 1171 Chain Bridge Rd, showcasing the pinnacle of luxury that Ballantrae Farms offers.

Spotlight on 1171 Chain Bridge Rd, McLean, VA

The property at 1171 Chain Bridge Rd is a prime example of luxurious living in McLean. This recently-built colonial French home spans an impressive 20,000 square feet with 8 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, making it one of the most expansive and expensive homes in the area.

Photo of 1171 Chain Bridge Rd

Elegant Features of 1171 Chain Bridge Rd

Designed by Custom Design Concepts Architecture + Interiors, this estate epitomizes the blend of traditional architecture with modern luxuries. The home includes a domed reception hall, multiple garages for up to 10 vehicles, a guest house, and luxurious outdoor amenities such as a pool and spa suite. Inside, the residence features magnificent modern finishes, a grand staircase, state-of-the-art kitchen facilities, and more, all situated in McLean’s prestigious Ballantrae Farms.

Expert Real Estate Assistance from John Newsome

For further inquiries or to schedule a viewing, please contact John Newsome at (703)765-0300. With deep knowledge of the McLean real estate market, John can provide expert guidance and insight into luxury properties like those at Ballantrae Farms.

John Newsome

Why Choose Nesbitt Realty?

Investing in a property at Ballantrae Farms through Nesbitt Realty not only ensures professional handling but also offers financial benefits. For instance, purchasing the property at 1171 Chain Bridge Rd could result in a rebate of $148,320.

Key Considerations for Luxury Home Buyers in McLean

Prospective buyers looking at high-end properties in McLean should consider factors such as community reputation, proximity to essential services, and the level of amenities available within the community. Properties like those in Ballantrae Farms offer a remarkable combination of these aspects, ensuring not just a home but a lifestyle.

This article has provided a thorough overview of the lifestyle and investment opportunities available in McLean's Ballantrae Farms, highlighting why it stands out as a top choice for luxury homebuyers.

3002 Lawrence Dr, Falls Church VA 22042 Listed

$1,099,000 Advertised For Sale At 3002 Lawrence Dr In Fairfax County

There’s a wealth of information available for buyer clients pondering properties not unlike 3002 Lawrence Dr in the Falls Church area.

Real Estate Factors About Fairfax County

  • The median age of homes in Fairfax County is 65 years. 3002 Lawrence Dr is 76 years old.
  • Fairfax County has an average price per square foot of $366. Above all, 3002 Lawrence Dr is $260 per sqft.
  • The average days on market in Fairfax County is 54 days.
  • The average living area in Fairfax County is 860 sqft. On the other hand, 3002 Lawrence Dr has 4,228 sqft of living area.
  • Did you know that brick is the most common type of exterior in Fairfax County?
3000 Spout Run Pkwy #A209 is the least expensive home in Fairfax County. 3000 Spout Run Pkwy #A209 is listed for $249,900. Conversely, 3000 Spout Run Pkwy #B601 is the highest-priced home in Fairfax County. 3000 Spout Run Pkwy #B601 is asking $360,000. Actually, this data is deemed accurate but not guaranteed. In contrast, this information will change.  What is true and accurate today, 04/20/2024, will not be entirely accurate tomorrow or the day before. Check with Tez Green for the latest real estate info from Fairfax County about homes like 3002 Lawrence Dr. Continue reading

700 Bulls Neck Rd, McLean VA 22102 Advertised For Sale

Helpful Details for McLean, Virginia Shoppers Considering the area near and inside the Beltway?

Purchasing a home not unlike 700 Bulls Neck Rd is Possibly the most complex money matter most residents of McLean, Virginia will ever make. Not to mention, as a legitimate specialist with extensive real estate knowledge about McLean, Virginia, Stuart Nesbitt is a home buyer's guide who gets the emotional and informational support that property hunters need while viewing 8-bedroom French-style detached homes in 22102 in McLean and buying a home like 700 Bulls Neck Rd in McLean. Of course, there are many problems to avoid and overcome. Conversely, a real estate professional similar to Stuart Nesbitt has the answers and can help reduce your anxiety from the buying process. Continue reading

What Is The Average Price Per Square Foot Of Real Estate In 22180?

Place For $2,500,000 in 22180 in Vienna

If you think the amount of living area that a place of residence has is a foremost concern, then you are pretty normal. As a matter of fact, only on rare occaisions does a property hunter completely ignore the amount of living area in a property. tells us at a price of $2,500,000, 1029 Park St SE, Vienna VA is intriguing to think about. Continue reading

Discovering Langley Forest: A Hidden Gem in McLean?

Unveiling the Luxurious Lifestyle of Langley Forest, McLean

McLean, Virginia, nestled within Fairfax County, is renowned for its affluence, strategic location close to Washington D.C., and high quality of life. This area boasts some of the most prestigious residential communities in Northern Virginia, including Langley Forest. Known for its serene environment, spacious properties, and close-knit community feel, Langley Forest offers a blend of tranquility and luxury. The community benefits from excellent schools, parks, and proximity to essential amenities, making it a coveted location for discerning homeowners.

Langley Forest is characterized by its brisk market activity, with homes averaging 15 days on the market. This community offers expansive living spaces with an average area of 6,657 square feet and an average price per square foot of $730. Langley Forest presents properties ranging from $1,885,000 to $9,299,000, reflecting the area's exclusivity and appeal. Residents enjoy access to top-tier amenities, verdant surroundings, and the prestige of living in one of McLean's most sought-after neighborhoods.

6709 Sorrel St, McLean, VA, exemplifies the elegance and grandeur of Langley Forest homes. This colonial-style property, listed at $4,200,000, spans 6,702 square feet, translating to $627 per square foot. It features 8 bedrooms, 10 full baths, and 2 half baths, offering unparalleled luxury and comfort. For more information, visit 6709 Sorrel St.

Photo of 6709 Sorrel St

6709 Sorrel St offers a rare blend of scale, luxury, and privacy, featuring a grand two-story marble foyer, multiple fireplaces, a sun-filled library, and a state-of-the-art kitchen. The property's meticulously landscaped .5-acre lot provides a private oasis in the heart of Langley Forest. With over 9,300 finished sq ft across four levels, including a luxurious primary suite, multiple ensuite bedrooms, and a fully equipped lower level, this home redefines sophisticated living in McLean.

For more details or to arrange a viewing of properties like 6709 Sorrel St, John Newsome is available to assist. Contact us at (703)765-0300.

Meet John Newsome for Real Estate Expertise in Langley Forest

John Newsome

Nesbitt Realty is dedicated to providing exceptional real estate services in McLean, including Langley Forest. Buyers working with us can receive a rebate of $25,956 on a property like 6709 Sorrel St, highlighting our commitment to value and client satisfaction. Our expertise in Northern Virginia ensures that you have a knowledgeable partner in your home buying or selling journey.

Langley Forest in McLean stands as a symbol

of luxury and exclusivity, offering residents a lifestyle defined by elegance, privacy, and convenience. With its prestigious location, exceptional properties, and unparalleled amenities, Langley Forest remains one of the most desirable communities in Fairfax County. Contact John Newsome today to explore the possibilities that await in Langley Forest and beyond.

1001 Savile Ln, McLean VA 22101 Listed

$4,690,000 -- McLean Virginia 22101

Here’s some s about real estate in McLean, Virginia. Ultimately, the value of a property can be very subjective. But still, you can compare and contrast these facts with the basic data about 1001 Savile Ln to help measure market value.  

Fairfax County Details

  • The average days on market in Fairfax County is 5 days.
  • The average living area in Fairfax County is 1,395 sqft. Still, 1001 Savile Ln has 6,470 sqft of living area.
  • Fairfax County has an average price per square foot of $345. Conversely, 1001 Savile Ln is $725 per sqft.
  • Did you know that brick is the most common type of exterior in Fairfax County?
  • 5902-L Surrey Hill Pl #709 is the least expensive home in Fairfax County. 5902-L Surrey Hill Pl #709 is listed for $240,000. But even so, 7729 Carrleigh Pkwy is the highest-priced home in Fairfax County. 7729 Carrleigh Pkwy is asking $995,000.
  • The median age of homes in Fairfax County is 56 years. 1001 Savile Ln is 12 years old.
Besides, this data is deemed accurate but not guaranteed. Still, this info will change.  What is true and accurate today, 04/01/2024, will not be entirely accurate tomorrow or the day before. Check with John Newsome for the latest real estate information from Fairfax County about residences like 1001 Savile Ln. Continue reading