Home Values Rose In Fairfax County From Last Year

The average value of homes in Fairfax County, Virginia, increased since last year, and that will likely mean higher real estate tax bills this year, according to a new report. The Fairfax County 2021 real estate assessments report shows that 88% of homes in the county have increased in value on average by about 4.25%. That brings the average home price up to $607,752 this year — compared to last year’s average assessment of $582,976. Continue reading

Lorton To Have New Police Station And Animal Shelter

The Lorton-South County area will take another step away from being in the country when the future South County Police Station and Animal Shelter is built on a parcel of land on Lorton Road, just east of the Ox Road intersection. This area of the county is now patrolled by units from the Franconia and West Springfield District Police Stations, which are some distance away, so the additional police station will allow the department to organize smaller patrol areas and decrease response times throughout the county, Fairfax County said. Continue reading