Fairfax County Announces New Policy For Administration Of Cannabidiol Oil To Kids

Fairfax County has adopted a new policy relating to how nurses and school employees can administer cannabidiol oil to kids. The new policy essentially treats CBD oil and THC-A like any other prescription administered to a child at school lining up with Virginia law requiring school boards to adopt a policy toward the somewhat controversial treatment. Continue reading

Learn More About Historic Blenheim

Historic Blenheim is a c.1859 central hall Greek Revival style brick farmhouse built by Albert Willcoxon just prior to the Civil War (1861 – 1865).  It is nationally significant for the voluminous quantity and quality of examples of Civil War graffiti. Historic Blenheim provides a historic backdrop for events of every kind, including corporate meetings and retreats, weddings, banquets, and formal affairs or casual gatherings such as parties. Continue reading