Victorian architecture

typical Victorian home
Victorian style architecture
Victorian architecture dates from the second half of the 19th century, when America was exploring new approaches to building and design.
Victorian home
Example of a Victorian Home
Advancements in machine technology meant that Victorian-era builders could easily incorporate mass-produced ornamentation such as brackets, spindles, and patterned shingles. The last true Victorians were constructed in the early 1900s, but contemporary builders often borrow Victorian ideas, designing eclectic "neo-Victorians." These homes combine modern materials with 19th century details, such as curved towers and spindled porches. A number of Victorian styles are recreated on the fanciful "Main Street" at Disney theme parks in Florida, California, and Europe.
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John Hechinger’s version of a ribbon cutting at his new Alexandria store, in 1961

John Hechinger's version of a ribbon cutting at his new Alexandria store in 1961.

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Paving of what is now Route One, in 1918

Paving Rt. 1 in 1918

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Carlyle House, Alexandria, Virginia 1918

Residences of Cameron Valley in 1988

Cameron Valley in 1988
Cameron Valley in 1988
Cameron Valley is located off Duke Street in Alexandria VA. The location is west of the GW Masonic Memorial and east of Landmark Center. Duke Garden is located just across Duke Street and Cameron Valley is in close proximity to Foxchase Shopping Center. Cameron Station is very close by as well.

Neighborhood photos

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A view of Old Town Alexandria, in 1980

view from Alexandria House
View of Old Town Alexandria in 1980
This is a view looking South from Alexandria House in Old Town Alexandria. They say Old Town never changes, many things have changed in this view since 1980. Can you spot them all? The Woodrow Wilson Bridge was destroyed and rebuilt. The water tower and structures at Ford's Landing are long gone and in it's place are luxury waterfront townhomes. None of the high-rises in the Carlyle area have been built and of course the Henry is nowhere to be seen.

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