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A large corporation sets policy and prices at the top.  The Chief Operating Officer approves marketing plans created by a Vice President of Business Development in cooperation with the Director of Marketing. These pricing plans are approved by the CEO to meet the corporate image and needs. At the street level, representatives and franchises adhere to corporate policy.

A little company like Nesbitt Realty makes decisions at the street level, because the ground level is approximately four steps away from the loftiest levels of our little business.  As such, we have the power to modifiy prices when the need arises.  We've taken a look at the commission fees and structures offered by the most famous names in real estate and we've concluded that we can match, meet or beat any offer by any broker in Belle Rive.  We've simplified these pricing structures into several choices that range from a 1% to 7% commission.  In addition we've removed an administrative fees that are charged over and above the commission so there are no surprises at closing!

We suggest you chat with us and compare our prices and choices to any competitor in Belle Rive.  If you like what they are offering, but want to deal with a family-run small company: talk to us before you sign. Most likely, we already have a similar sales option. (We can show you where the cheese is hiding in any plan, by the way.) In the unlikely event that we don't already offer a similar commission sales package, we have the flexibility to match or beat what you have in hand.

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