Pricing For Our Rental Management Services In Riverton

How much does rental management cost in Riverton?

Below, we summarize the fees we charge. If you need help with this chart, or need any assistance, please Reach out to us. Our team members always available to answer questions for prospective clients.

If you call around to other property managers in Riverton, you'll will confirm that Nesbitt Realty & Management is often one of the most competitively priced options you'll find for management. And, our prices are pretty standard for marketing a rental property.  However, we further discount those listing fees for owners who employ our property management services.

No Hidden Fees

Whenyou try to compare our prices to competitors, stay on the look-out for hidden fees. Often, other rental managers claim to have low prices, but when you factor in the additional expenses and start-up fees, we in actuality are the less expensive option.

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We will match or beat any published price in Riverton.

Leasing Services Only
~ a good way to find great tenants in Riverton ~
3/4 of 1 month's rent
1 time fee

Professional Photography - Includes a floorplan and 3-D virtual tour that allows prospective tenants to tour the property remotely.

Signage - For rent sign installed at your property (where allowed)

Showing - We show the property to qualified prospective tenants.

Prepare the Lease - The lease is written by Realtor association staff attorneys and your agent fills in relevant details.

Collect Funds - We collect funds for security deposit, initial rent and background fees.

Exposure - We put the property on hundreds of websites, and the Multiple Listing Service which makes it available to every Realtor in Northern Virginia.

Lowest Price Guarantee - If price is your primary concern, we can eliminate the professional photography to discount the listing fee down to 1/2 of one month rent. Our agents take pretty good photos with today's mobile phones, but this will not include a 3-D virtual tour.

Premium Rental Management Services
~ our safest option ~
month's rent

Everything included with standard professional rental management services

Safety Net - Nesbitt Realty will guarantee the tenant's rent for 1 full year. If the tenant is late, Nesbitt Realty will make a timely payment. If the tenant defaults, Nesbitt Realty will pay up to 1 month of rent to cover the landlord's losses.

Tenant Damage Protection - When tenant damages exceed funds in the security deposit, Nesbitt Realty will cover an additional 25% of a month's rent for repairs.

Discounted Pricing

All prices include discount incentives. Some of these incentives can be waived, but the discounts will no longer apply to the price. 

Listing Fee Discount - Published price includes a discount equal to 25% of 1 month's rent for using our property management services.

Additional Listing Discount - Pricing can be discounted another 25% of 1 month's rent if we do not use professional photography. Minimum fee is $1000

Management Fee Discount - Published prices includes a discount for a 2 year management agreement and an additional discount for listing the property with Nesbitt Realty when/if you sell. All agreements include an early termination provision and landlords are never required to sell property. Minimum monthly fee is $85.

If you own 3 or more rental properties, ask about our volume pricing!

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