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We have two types of new rental management accounts:

  1. Landlords who have never used a rental property management company before. Many owners have managed their own properties, but some have never employed a rental property management company before. If you've never used a property management company, you might want to start by learning about rental management and the general conventions of our industry.
  2. Landlords who have used a property manager before. Many times owners are switching to our property manager because they don't like their current rental manager in Harrisonburg.

A landlord who already understands what is required of a property manager, probably wants to know more about why people choose us. Learn more about what makes us different from other property management companies in Harrisonburg.

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Should you understand more about this local real estate market?

Our Guide to Real Estate is a helpful resource for anyone who wants to review important real estate information about Harrisonburg and neighboring areas.  The Guide to Real Estate includes data about what has sold and what is currently listed, and many surprising facts that you might not be aware of.  Also, our Guide highlights some fundamentals of life in Harrisonburg.  Of course, all of this is useful for buyers and sellers, but property owners and renters should also find the facts to be very edifying.

Harrisonburg Property Management Resources


Basic info about what rental managment in Harrisonburg.

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Getting Started

Learn more about getting started with rental property management

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Find A Tenant

Market your property to rent to find a reliable tenant in Harrisonburg fast.

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How does Nesbitt Realty keep track of income and expenses for property owners?

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A breakdown of prices of rental management in Harrisonburg

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How Nesbitt Realty checks the backgrounds of renters for our clients.

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What is a contingency reserve account?

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Where does Nesbitt Realty manage property?

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Who uses Nesbitt Realty management services?

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