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Nesbitt Realty manages rentals in Centreville, VA. If you're a landlord in the area, you should familiarize yourself with us. We are a family real estate company that is happy to serve your needs. We can list your rental property and we will find the best possible tenant as quickly as possible. Feel free to call us at (703)765-0300 for more information.

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Do you want to know how much rental property management costs in Centreville and Northern Virginia? Definitely, price can always vary a lot.  however, the standard price for professional property management ranges anywhere from 5% to 12% of the monthly rent. This varies by location and condition of the real estate to be managed. The quantity of rental in each holding as well as the kinds of service necessary also affect price when calculating the total fees charged. Nesbitt Realty is often one of the firms which charges the lowest fees in Northern Virginia. For example, there are many companies that require a fee whether there is a current tenant or not. (Nesbitt Realty does not charge during vacancy.) Some companies are famous for charging pricy set-up fees for new clients. You can read more about Nesbitt Realty's fees here.  

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Nesbitt Realty's Guide to Real Estate is a free resource for anyone who hopes to review important real estate information about Centreville and neighboring areas.  The Guide to Real Estate has data regarding what has sold and what is on the market, and some compelling facts that you may not be aware of.  Also, our Guide highlights quite a few of the fundamentals of life in Centreville.  Certainly, most of this is interesting for buyers and sellers, but property owners and tenants will also find these resources to be somewhat edifying.

Centreville Rental Management Resources


Basic information regarding management services in Centreville.

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Getting Started

Learn more about getting started with property management

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Find A Tenant

List your property to rent to find a dependable tenant in Centreville fast.

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How does Nesbitt Realty keep track of income and expenses for real estate investors?

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An overview of fees associated with rental management services in Centreville

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How Nesbitt Realty vets tenants for landlords.

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What is a contingency reserve account?

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Where does Nesbitt Realty manage rental investments?

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Who uses Nesbitt Realty management services?

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