During the lease term in Fairfax County

During lease, the rental property belongs to the renter we respect the renter 's privacy. As managing agents Nesbitt Realty has the right to reasonable entry of the rental property, but we will never abuse that right. If Nesbitt Realty has a good reason to go into a rental property in Fairfax County, the renter must allow us to come into the rental property. Some justifiable reasons to enter rental property are to:

  • Inspect the rental,
  • Make repairs or upgrades,
  • Provide necessary services, or
  • Show the rental property to prospective or actual purchasers, mortgagees, workmen, or contractors.

Nesbitt Realty will always strive to give the tenant notice and obtain renter consent before entering the rental home. However, Nesbitt Realty can and will come into the rental home without tenant consent in emergency situations. We will never abuse the right of entrance or use it to agitate renters in Fairfax County. Nesbitt Realty will only come into at reasonable hours of the day, except in an emergency.