Communications With The Tenant

Handling interactions with a renter in Cross Junction

One of the most critical services that any property manager in Cross Junction performs is providing a level of separation between the renter and the property owner. The best practice is for the rental investor to deny any direct contact with the tenant. Important tip for property owners: never share your contact information with the renter.

Renters in Cross Junction may ask to bend lease provisions, or make other special requests. The property management professional knows the rules and knows why the lease provisions are there. A tenant can ambush an uniformed property owner at a moment of ignorance causing the rental investor to grant a request that is against the property owner's own interests.

The result of acceding to a seemingly simple favor can be disastrous. Furthermore, once the renter knows there is a higher authority to appeal to, the tenant will appeal all matters to the rental investor, which cost the landlord time and effort.

Renters will use contact with the landlord to build a personal relationship with the owner. Personal feelings can make it much harder for the rental investor to make objective business decisions in a impersonal manner. Additionally, the tenant can hound or harass a rental investor at strange hours or with various requests.


We're paid to be your protect the rental investor's interests. It's more difficult to do that job when the renter is going to ask the owner to second-guess our work.