Are you seeking real estate in a specific subdivision?

Listed below you will find a accounting of each and every subdivision (or condo) with real estate on the market in Winchester. This list is compiled from active listings today. This list is revised every 15 minutes or so to ensure that we're supplying fresh tallies that you can rely on. The data compiled below is taken directly from the MLS database, so there are a few tips to be aware of.

You may find a subdivision listed multiple times.

You should know that the names of subdivisions (or condos) found below were all typed into the Multiple Listing Service by listing agents. Because humans entered the data, there will be typographical errors. Of course sometimes, those spelling errors can be corrected and that correction makes it seem like a listing has sold when in reality the listing was updated.

Also, there may be some variances as to what exactly a particular community is called. If there is just one letter of difference between a couple of entries this will be listed as different communities. So, if you really want to get a picture, you have to look at all possible variations of the community's name. For instance, Midtown condominiums in Alexandria are by some people called Midtown, Midtowns, Midtown condomiums, Midtown Alexandria, Midtown Alexandria Station.

"I saw a for sale sign posted but the subdivision isn't found below."

Is there another way to spell this specific neighborhood?
Of course, for the reason stated above, try to you look for all typical variations of the spelling.
Is the listing for lease?
This tally does not include rentals. Hence, it may be that the sign you saw posted was for a rental property. Furthermore, this list exclusively includes active listings in Winchester.
Is the property coming soon?
An active listing is a property that is available and on the market. There are some properties which have a sign up that are not active. By way of illustration, sometimes a sign is up because the property is coming soon. A listing that is coming-soon is not yet available and not yet on the market. Only agents have access to information about listings that are in coming-soon status. Also, the MLS database does not allow Nesbitt Realty to list those properties in our tally. If you want to know about coming-soon homes in a specific community, you'll have to contact us directly.
Is the listing sold?
Furthermore, sometimes that a listing is already sold or under contract when you see the sign posted. Sold riders aren't posted the second a contract is signed. Also, from time to time that the Realtor is a little tardy with putting up the under-contract signs. Because of these reasons, you might see a sign up when a listing is not active.

Do you need prompt updates from a specific community?

If you would like to be contacted when a property is available in a particular community, just let us know. Furthermore, your agent can also give you specific information on a specific property when you contact us directly. We can provide a licensed real estate adviser that can quickly find the information you need.

You can arrange the communities by number or alphabetically.

The arrows at the header below are useful for sorting the list. But, when you arrange by number of active listings, just remember the points above, because the number isn't 100% accurate. Nevertheless, the list is still pretty accurate.
Abram's Chase3 Active
Abrams Pointe9 Active
Albin Acres1 Active
Belleville Farm1 Active
Branch South1 Active
Brentwood Terrace1 Active
Brookland Heights1 Active
Cameron Street1 Active
Carlisle Heights1 Active
Carter & Glaize2 Active
Cedar Creek Grade2 Active
Cedarmeade2 Active
Chestnut Grove Estates1 Active
City of Winchester2 Active
Cottage Glen1 Active
Country Park1 Active
Country Squire Estates1 Active
Earl Haines-Shanholtz1 Active
Eastview Subdivision1 Active
F W Danley1 Active
Fawcett Gap Farm1 Active
Fieldstone2 Active
Forest Hills1 Active
Frederick County2 Active
Frederick Heights2 Active
Freedom Manor2 Active
Glendobbin Hills1 Active
Glendobbin Ridge1 Active
Glenmont Village2 Active
Great North Mountain Wilderness2 Active
Green Acres1 Active
Harvest Ridge1 Active
Hedgebrook Hills2 Active
Heritage Hills1 Active
Highview Manor2 Active
Himelright/Vanceright1 Active
Hunting Ridge Estates1 Active
Johnson1 Active
Joshua's Mountain1 Active
Lake Serene1 Active
Limestone Terrace2 Active
Locust Level1 Active
Lofts At Creekside8 Active
Lynnehaven2 Active
McGuire Hills1 Active
Meadow Branch1 Active
Meadow Branch South1 Active
No1 Active
Northwestern Hills2 Active
Oakdale Crossing1 Active
Park Place2 Active
Park View1 Active
Parkview Condominiums1 Active
Pembridge Heights1 Active
Quaker Hill1 Active
Raven Oaks15 Active
Raven Pointe2 Active
Red Fox Run1 Active
Regency Heights1 Active
Rolling Fields1 Active
Rolling Hills Estates2 Active
Royal Oaks1 Active
Senseny Village11 Active
Shawnee Heights1 Active
Shawnee Land3 Active
Shawneeland7 Active
Shenandoah Hills1 Active
Simmons Ridge3 Active
Steeplechase1 Active
Stonebrook Farms2 Active
Stonecrest2 Active
Stonewall Orchard1 Active
The Downs At Meadow Branch1 Active
The Downs At Meadowbranch1 Active
Twin Lakes Overlook3 Active
Village At Harvest Ridge1 Active
Walker McC Bond1 Active
West Whitlock Avenue1 Active
Westside Station1 Active
Whittier Acres1 Active
Wilde Acres3 Active
Wilde Acres2 Active
Wilde Acres/ Mtn Falls3 Active
Williamsburg Heights1 Active
Willow Lawn Cottages1 Active
Winchester7 Active
Winchester City8 Active
Winchester Historic District2 Active
Windstone Townhomes2 Active

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