Charts With Critical Data On Active Front Royal Real Estate

Nesbitt Realty edits the data in these charts every twenty minutes. If you need specific data about any community in or around Front Royal, email an agent from Nesbitt Realty. The chart below is drawn from properties that are currently on the market. We start with price, because price is often the least flexible factor in a buyer's real estate decision. If you need help calculating a payment or figuring your closing costs, Nesbitt Realty can help. If you would like to see more from any particular pricing category, click on the chart. This will take you to live real estate listings.

How much do homes in Front Royal Virginia cost?

Entry Level (100001 to $250,000)2 Active
Premium (250001 to $350,000)7 Active
Luxury (350001 to $800,000)40 Active
Super Luxury ($800,001 and up)10 Active
How many bedrooms to you require? How many bedrooms would you like to have? Each buyer has different requirements. Your fine Realtor from Nesbitt Realty can guide you to your ideal choice.

How many bedrooms do properties for sale in Front Royal VA usually have?

1 BR1 Active
2 BR5 Active
3 BR33 Active
4 BR18 Active
5 BR1 Active
7 BR1 Active
While it's usually not possible to compromise on budget or bedrooms, occasionally one can compromise on the number of bathrooms. The number of bathrooms, and the condition of those bathrooms is an important variable in determining the value of a home.

How many bathrooms do properties for sale in Front Royal VA usually have?

322 Active
220 Active
49 Active
15 Active
53 Active
Do you need a condominium, townhome or single-family detached? The mix in Front Royal will change regularly, so check back.

What kinds of properties are available for purchase?

Detached58 Active
Townhouses 1 Active including :
Interior Unit Townhouse 1 Active

What styles of properties are for sale?

Each and every home in Front Royal has a style.  That style might be very modest but a modest style is nonetheless a style . Style evolves from embellishments (or lack of embellishments) like verandas and decorative trim and in part from more basic features, such as the number of windows and the shape of the roof. Still, identifying the exact style of the home can be a baffling process. For example, is it Italianate or French Provincial? And, what about the newly constructed house that looks like a mix-mash of different styles?

Style is an art not a science.

It can be said that, most houses don't fit precisely into just one specific style. Typically older homes may have gone through many renovations, thus absorbing aspects of several different architectural archetypes. Newer houses regularly draw components from several styles. This simple checklist runs through standout elements to note. Although there are no firm answers, each of these components suggests styles to consider. There are a number of architectural types on the market in Front Royal at the moment.

Popular Styles

Ranch/Rambler22 Active
Colonial7 Active
Raised Ranch/Rambler6 Active
Chalet4 Active
Cabin/Lodge, Contemporary2 Active
Cabin/Lodge2 Active
Cottage2 Active
Cape Cod2 Active
Contemporary2 Active
Farmhouse/National Folk2 Active
A-Frame, Chalet, Ranch/Rambler1 Active
Craftsman, Colonial1 Active
Craftsman, Ranch/Rambler1 Active
Other1 Active
Contemporary, Cottage1 Active
Others3 Active
Condos are found in all prices and types in Northern Virginia. Some areas have few condominiums, but other counties are loaded with counties. Depending on whether you are looking to buy Front Royal or elsewhere in Northern Virginia, you might find a high-rise condo, a mid-rise condominium or a garden-style condominium. In a few places you will even find townhouse-style condominium? Reach out to a to learn more about your condominium options. No properties available at this time. Do you really want street lights? Is it critical for you to have gutters? Your tireless real estate agent from Nesbitt Realty appreciates special requests and we have the experience to find your perfect property.

What exterior features are popular in Front Royal VA?

Exterior Lighting9 Active
Outbuilding(s)5 Active
Gutter System5 Active
Flood Lights4 Active
Extensive Hardscape2 Active
Secure Storage2 Active
Hot Tub2 Active
Sidewalks2 Active
Other2 Active
Satellite Dish2 Active
Boat Storage1 Active
BBQ Grill1 Active
Outside Shower1 Active
Water Falls1 Active
Play Area1 Active
Others2 Active
Do you need garage parking? If so, let your knowledgeable licensed real estate adviser from Nesbitt Realty know. We can find the property that's right for you.

How many properties on the market in Front Royal have garage parking?

No garage parking30 Active
Property has a garage29 Active
Do you need a basement? When you do, your trusted real estate agent from Nesbitt Realty is ready to go. Your agent can find the property that's ideal for you.

How many properties for sale in Front Royal have a basement?

Property has a basement54 Active
No basement5 Active

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