Critical Data On The Real Estate At Springfield

Nesbitt Realty revises the data on this page hourly. If you require specific info about any property in or around Springfield, email an agent from Nesbitt Realty.

How much do properties at Springfield cost?

Recently sold property can tell you a lot about the going cost of real estate in the area. It's advisable to contrast settled prices with the prices of real estate that is on the market.

Recently Sold at Springfield

Choice (550001 to $750,000)8 Recently Sold
Luxury (950001 to $1,950,000)1 Recently Sold

Currently on the Market at Springfield

How many bedrooms do properties for sale at Springfield normally have?

How many bedrooms to you need? How many bedrooms would you like to have? Each family unit has different requirements. Your well-informed Realtor from Nesbitt Realty can help you find your right selection.

Number of Bedrooms in Homes Sold at Springfield

2 BR4 Active
3 BR160 Active
4 BR114 Active
5 BR42 Active
6 BR3 Active
7 BR3 Active
8 BR1 Active
9 BR1 Active

What exterior features are popular at Springfield?

Do you really want barbecue grills? Is it a requirement for you to have secure storage? Your bright licensed real estate adviser from Nesbitt Realty appreciates special requests and we have the tools to find your dream property.

Popular Exterior Features on Real Estate Sold at Springfield

Sidewalks41 Active
Exterior Lighting16 Active
Street Lights13 Active
Outbuilding(s)13 Active
Flood Lights12 Active
Secure Storage9 Active
Extensive Hardscape6 Active
Stone Retaining Walls5 Active
Play Area4 Active
BBQ Grill4 Active
Gutter System4 Active
Play Equipment3 Active
Hot Tub2 Active
Other1 Active
Bump-outs1 Active
Others2 Active

Pondering Selling?

If you're weighing options, learn more about selling your property in Springfield.

Do you need to speak with a property management company?

If you're considering renting your property, learn more about management services for your real estate in Springfield.

Our real estate agents appreciate the opportunity to be of service. Thanks for considering us to get the job done.

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