Charts With Critical Data On Active Rosslyn Real Estate

Nesbitt Realty edits the information in these charts regularly. If you need specific data about any community in or around Rosslyn, contact an agent from Nesbitt Realty. The chart below is drawn from homes that are currently for sale. We start with price, because budget is often the most inflexible variable in a buyer's real estate decision. If you need help calculating a payment or figuring your closing costs, Nesbitt Realty can help. If you want to read more from any specific price group, click on the chart. This will take you to live real estate listings.

How much do properties in Rosslyn Virginia cost?

Budget (1 to $300,000)14 Active
Affordable (300001 to $400,000)16 Active
Entry-Level (400001 to $550,000)30 Active
Choice (550001 to $750,000)13 Active
Premium (750001 to $950,001)16 Active
Luxury (950001 to $1,950,000)24 Active
Super Luxury ($1,950,001 and up)10 Active
How many bedrooms to you need? How many bedrooms do you want? Each family is different. Your professional Realtor from Nesbitt Realty can help you find your great selection.

How many bedrooms do homes for sale in Rosslyn VA normally have?

Studio8 Active
1 BR53 Active
2 BR42 Active
3 BR14 Active
4 BR5 Active
6 BR1 Active
While it's usually not possible to compromise on number of bedrooms or price, sometimes one can compromise on the number of bathrooms. The number of bathrooms, and the condition of those bathrooms is an important factor in determining the value of a home.

How many bathrooms do homes for sale in Rosslyn VA usually have?

158 Active
232 Active
321 Active
410 Active
61 Active
51 Active
Do you desire a condo, townhome or single-family home? The mix in Rosslyn will change regularly, so check back.

What kinds of properties are available to buy?

Detached1 Active
Townhouses 7 Active including :
Interior Unit Townhouse 6 Active
End Unit Townhouse 1 Active
Condos 113 Active including :
Condo 105 Active
Penthouse 8 Active
Other 2 Active including :
Garage/Parking Space 1 Active
Other 1 Active

What styles of real estate are for sale?

Every house in Rosslyn has a style.  That style may be very modest but a plain style is nonetheless a style . Style evolves from embellishments (or lack of embellishments) like porches and moldings and in part from structural features, like the number of windows and the pitch of the roof. Yet, identifying the exact style of the home is often imprecise. For example, is the home Art Moderne or Art Deco? Furthermore, how do you classify a newly-built home that seems to break all the 'rules'?

Style is most often vague and imprecise.

In fact, most houses do not meet every criteria for any one style. It's quite commone for older homes have had many renovations, thus absorbing features of several different architectural styles. New construction houses regularly mix aspects from a couple of architectural trends. This simple checklist runs through important elements to note. Of course there are no firm answers, each of these aspects suggests styles to put on your list. There are a number of architectural types on the market in Rosslyn right now.

Popular Styles

Contemporary68 Active
Traditional17 Active
Colonial11 Active
Unit/Flat7 Active
Other5 Active
Contemporary, Unit/Flat3 Active
Loft with Bedrooms2 Active
Mid-Century Modern, Contemporary1 Active
Transitional1 Active
Federal1 Active
Colonial, Contemporary1 Active
Loft, Contemporary1 Active
Art Deco1 Active
Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern1 Active
Contemporary, Other1 Active
Others2 Active
Condominiums are found in all prices and types in Northern Virginia. Some counties have no condominiums, but other counties have many cities. Depending on whether you are shopping in Rosslyn or elsewhere in Northern Virginia, you may be looking for a high-rise condominium, a mid-rise condo or a garden-style condominium. In a few neighborhoods you might even find townhouse-style condo? Contact a condo expert to learn more about your condominium selections.

What types of condos are for sale in Rosslyn?

Hi-Rise 9+ Floors59 Active
Garden 1 - 4 Floors35 Active
Mid-Rise 5 - 8 Floors19 Active
Do you really need landscaping? Is it important for you to have outbuildings? Your remarkable licensed real estate adviser from Nesbitt Realty appreciates special requests and we have the tools to find your perfect property.

What exterior features are popular in Rosslyn VA?

Sidewalks22 Active
Street Lights16 Active
Secure Storage6 Active
Exterior Lighting5 Active
Tennis Court(s)3 Active
Other3 Active
Extensive Hardscape2 Active
BBQ Grill2 Active
Satellite Dish1 Active
Flood Lights1 Active
Fire Escape1 Active
Do you desire garage parking? If so, let your friendly licensed real estate adviser from Nesbitt Realty know. We can find the property that's perfect for you.

How many properties for sale in Rosslyn have garage parking?

Property has a garage81 Active
No garage parking42 Active
Do you need a basement? When you do, your reliable real estate agent from Nesbitt Realty is standing by. Your agent can find the situation that's best for you.

How many properties for sale in Rosslyn have a basement?

No basement120 Active
Property has a basement3 Active

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