Are you trying to find real estate in a particular subdivision?

Below you will find an exhaustive accounting of each subdivision (or condominium) with real estate on the market in Arlington. This list is compiled from listings currently available today. This list is revised often to make sure that we're supplying timely data that you may depend on. The data found below is pulled directly from the Multiple Listing Service, so there are a couple of quirks to be aware of.

You might spot a subdivision listed more than once.

Firstly that the names of subdivisions (or condos) listed below were all typed into the Multiple Listing Service by listing agents. Because humans entered the data, there may be typographical errors. Of course sometimes, those typographical errors can be corrected and that correction makes it seem like a listing has moved from one subdivision to another when actually the error was corrected.

Not to mention, there may be some diffence of opinion as to what exactly a specific community is named. If there is even one letter of difference between two entries this will be tallied as different communities. Hence, when you really want to get an accurate tally, you should look at all the variations of the subdivision's name. For example, Midtown condominiums near the Huntington Metro are by some people called Midtown, Midtowns, Midtown condomiums, Midtown Alexandria, Midtown Alexandria Station.

"I saw a for sale sign up but the community isn't found below."

Is there a different way to spell this specific neighborhood?
Of course, for the reason stated above, try to you look for all possible variations of the spelling.
Is the property for rent?
This tally does not include rental properties. Therefore, it may be that the sign you saw posted was for a rental. Not to mention, this tally only includes listings still for sale in Arlington.
Is the listing under-contract?
An active listing is a property that is available and for sale. There are many listings that have a sign posted that are not active. By way of illustration, from time to time a sign is posted because the property is coming soon. A listing that is coming-soon is not yet available and not yet on the market. Only agents can access to information about properties that are coming-soon. Not to mention, the Multiple Listing Service does not permit us to count those listings in our count. If you want to know about coming-soon homes in a specific subdivision, you'll have to email us directly.
Is the listing sold?
Not to mention, sometimes that a listing is already under contract when you see the sign posted. Sold notices aren't posted the moment a property settles. Also, from time to time that the listing agent is a little tardy with putting up the under-contract riders. For these reasons, it's possible to see a sign up when a listing is not available.

Do you want regular notices about listings from a particular subdivision?

If you would like to be notified when a listing is available in a specific neighborhood, just let us know. Not to mention, we can also give you specific information on a particular property if you email us directly. Nesbitt Realty has a helpful real estate pro that can quickly find the information you need.

You can arrange the list by number or alphabetically.

The arrows at the header below are useful for sorting the communities. Still, when you arrange by number of active listings, just remember the points above, because the count isn't always accurate. Still, the data is still pretty accurate.
1800 Wilson3 Active
38 Place1 Active
Addison Heights11 Active
Alcova Heights6 Active
Alcova Row1 Active
Alta Vista4 Active
Arbors of Arlington1 Active
Arc 34096 Active
Arlington16 Active
Arlington Heights2 Active
Arlington Oaks2 Active
Arlington Park1 Active
Arlington Ridge3 Active
Arlington Ridge Terrace1 Active
Arlington Row1 Active
Arlington Run1 Active
Arlington View3 Active
Arlington Village3 Active
Arlington Village Courtyard1 Active
Arlingwood3 Active
Ashton Heights8 Active
Astoria Condominium6 Active
Atrium Condo4 Active
Aurora Heights1 Active
Aurora Hills3 Active
Azalea Acres1 Active
Ballston14 Active
Ballston 8802 Active
Ballston Area Townhouses1 Active
Ballston Crossing1 Active
Ballston Mews Ii1 Active
Barcroft9 Active
Barcroft Forest1 Active
Becket Glen1 Active
Bedford Park6 Active
Bel Alton2 Active
Bella Vista1 Active
Bella Vista Condominium2 Active
Bellevue Forest8 Active
Belvedere1 Active
Belvedere Condominium1 Active
Berkeley At Ballston3 Active
Berkshire Oakwood7 Active
Bluemont1 Active
Bon Air5 Active
Boulevard Manor1 Active
Brandon Village1 Active
Broyhill Forest6 Active
Broyhill Heights3 Active
Buckingham Commons3 Active
Cardinal House5 Active
Carlin Springs1 Active
Carlyn Park3 Active
Carver Place1 Active
Cavendish3 Active
Chain Bridge1 Active
Chain Bridge Forest1 Active
Charleston2 Active
Cherrydale9 Active
Circle Condominiums1 Active
Claremont5 Active
Clarendon3 Active
Clarendon 102112 Active
Clarendon Center2 Active
Clarenford2 Active
Cleveland Heights2 Active
Cleveland House3 Active
Colonial Village6 Active
Colonial Village I1 Active
Colonial Village Ii1 Active
Columbia Forest2 Active
Columbia Heights1 Active
Columbia Place2 Active
Columbia Square1 Active
Commons of Arlington1 Active
Continental5 Active
Country Club2 Active
Country Club Hills5 Active
Country Club Manor4 Active
Courtbridge2 Active
Courtbridge of Arlington2 Active
Courthouse8 Active
Courthouse Hill5 Active
Courthouse Walk1 Active
Crescent Hills1 Active
Crystal City5 Active
Crystal Gateway2 Active
Crystal Park1 Active
Crystal Park S4 Active
Crystal Spring Knolls3 Active
Dominion Heights2 Active
Dominion Hills6 Active
Donaldson Run1 Active
Dorsey Woods1 Active
Douglas Park8 Active
Dover Balmoral Riverwood4 Active
Dundree Hill2 Active
East Falls Church2 Active
Eastview At Ballston Metro4 Active
Eclipse On Center Park8 Active
Engleside Cooperative3 Active
Fairlington2 Active
Fairlington Arbor1 Active
Fairlington Commons3 Active
Fairlington Glen2 Active
Fairlington Green5 Active
Fairlington Meadows3 Active
Fairlington Mews1 Active
Fairlington Village2 Active
Fairlington Villages17 Active
Falls Church Park2 Active
Falls Station1 Active
Forest Hills2 Active
Fort Barnard Heights4 Active
Foxcroft Heights1 Active
Garden City2 Active
George Mason Village1 Active
Georgetown Vista1 Active
Glencarlyn7 Active
Golf Club Manor5 Active
Green Valley6 Active
Gulf Branch1 Active
Halls Hill1 Active
Hawthorn1 Active
Heatherlea2 Active
Highland Park1 Active
Highlands1 Active
Highview Park9 Active
Holmes1 Active
Horizon House8 Active
Hyde Park6 Active
Jackson Manor1 Active
Jefferson Residences3 Active
Johnsons Hill2 Active
Key and Nash4 Active
Lacey Forest2 Active
Larchmont1 Active
Lee Heights6 Active
Leeway Gardens1 Active
Long Branch Park2 Active
Lorcom Grove1 Active
Lyon Park14 Active
Lyon Village18 Active
Madison Manor2 Active
Majestic Oak1 Active
Maywood4 Active
Merry Mews1 Active
Milburn Terrace11 Active
Milestone1 Active
Minor Hill5 Active
Moncures Ballston1 Active
Monroe1 Active
Monroe At Virginia Square2 Active
Nauck1 Active
Nauck Green Valley1 Active
North Arlington2 Active
North Barcroft1 Active
North Glebe Mews1 Active
Oakcrest5 Active
Odyssey2 Active
Over Lee Knolls4 Active
Overlee Ridge1 Active
Paisley1 Active
Palisade Gardens2 Active
Palisades Park1 Active
Park Glen2 Active
Park Spring1 Active
Penrose6 Active
Pentagon City4 Active
Prospect House6 Active
Radnor - Fort Myer Heights10 Active
Randolph Square1 Active
Residences At Liberty Center7 Active
Rhodes Hill Square1 Active
Rivercrest2 Active
Riverwood2 Active
Rock Spring7 Active
Rosslyn8 Active
Rosslyn Heights1 Active
Shirley Woods3 Active
Shirlington1 Active
Shirlington Crest2 Active
Shirlington Village3 Active
South Ballston1 Active
Southampton5 Active
Southgate5 Active
Southgate Vale1 Active
Spy Hill2 Active
Station Square2 Active
Stoneridge Knoll3 Active
Stratton House1 Active
Summerwalk3 Active
Sycamore Heights1 Active
Sycamore Ridge1 Active
Taft Towers1 Active
Tara2 Active
Tara - Leeway Heights1 Active
Terrace Lofts1 Active
The Arlington6 Active
The Atrium2 Active
The Belvedere Condominium1 Active
The Brittany3 Active
The Carlton3 Active
The Cavendish4 Active
The Chatham1 Active
The Palazzo1 Active
The Park At Courthouse3 Active
The Phoenix Condominiums1 Active
The Representative4 Active
The Sanctuary1 Active
The Sierra1 Active
The Waterview5 Active
The Weldon1 Active
The Weslie3 Active
The Wooster and Mercer Lofts2 Active
Tower Villas9 Active
Trafalgar Flats7 Active
Turnberry Tower11 Active
Virginia Heights2 Active
Virginia Square4 Active
Waterford House3 Active
Waverly Hills6 Active
Waycroft - Woodlawn1 Active
Wentworth Place3 Active
West Village of Shirlington9 Active
Westhampton Mews1 Active
Westmoreland Terrace6 Active
Westover3 Active
Westover Hills1 Active
Westview At Ballston Metro2 Active
Williamsburg Village5 Active
Wilson Boulevard1 Active
Windgate Ii1 Active
Windsor Plaza2 Active
Woodbury Heights1 Active
Woodmont1 Active

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