Critical Data On The Real Estate Market At Runnymeade

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How much do properties at Runnymeade cost?

Recently sold real estate can tell you a lot about the retail value of property in the area. It's smart to compare this with the prices of property that is available now.

Recently Sold at Runnymeade

Entry-Level (400001 to $550,000)1 Recently Sold
Choice (550001 to $750,000)2 Recently Sold

For Sale at Runnymeade

How many bedrooms do homes for sale at Runnymeade typically have?

How many bedrooms to you require? How many bedrooms do you want? Every purchaser is different. Your personable real estate professional from Nesbitt Realty can help you find your dream option.

Number of Bedrooms in Homes Sold at Runnymeade

2 BR10 Active
3 BR112 Active
4 BR6 Active
5 BR1 Active

What exterior features are available at Runnymeade?

Do you really need sidewalks? Is it a requirement for you to have secure storage? Your responsive Realtor from Nesbitt Realty appreciates special requests and we have the experience to find your best property.

Popular Exterior Features on Real Estate Sold at Runnymeade

Sidewalks27 Active
Street Lights12 Active
Exterior Lighting7 Active
Extensive Hardscape3 Active
Other2 Active
Play Area2 Active
Outbuilding(s)1 Active
Secure Storage1 Active
Hot Tub1 Active
Gutter System1 Active

Considering Selling?

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