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Located at 1628A Belle View Blvd, Alexandria, VA 22307, EmmaVet have staff that are expert in emergency and specialty medicine. They offer gold-standard care that dogs and cats would get in the ER, but with a shorter wait time and less expense. No appointments – walk-ins only. They have taken medicine to the next level by making everything digital and paperless. Their doctors and technicians work with the best tools available. This means that when the doctors are looking at cytology (cells on a slide under a microscope), they can actually take a picture of it and show the pet owners exactly what they are looking at. Ultrasound can be performed in the exam room with the pet owners and they can watch the technicians run blood work and urine tests through windows behind the front desk. They do all of this to ensure that pet owners are part of the process of caregiving. Our real estate professionals are ready to provide real estate advice to people like you in Alexandria. If you have some questions regarding EmmaVet, our real estate advisors are local experts. Meaning, we can answer questions about locations, commutes, rental management and real estate matters. If your inquiries are about the inner workings or practices of EmmaVet, we will mostly likely only guide you to other resources.


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