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Sleepy Hollow Bath & Racquet (SHBR), established in 1956, is located at 3516 Sleepy Hollow Rd, Falls Church, VA 22044. Its amenities include three pools, nine tennis courts, beach volleyball, basketball, and more. Sleepy Hollow Bath & Racquet (SHBR) offers swim, dive, and tennis teams for children and competitive tennis teams for adults as well. Nesbitt Realty real estate professionals are ready to provide real estate services to people like you in West Falls Church. If you have more inquiries about Sleepy Hollow Bath & Racquet, our real estate professionals are local experts. In other words, we are able to answer questions about neighborhoods, commutes, property management and real estate matters. If your questions are regarding the inner workings or practices of Sleepy Hollow Bath & Racquet, we can only point you to other resources.


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