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Manassas Christian School is a private, licensed and accredited elementary and middle school situated on 11-acres in Manassas, Virginia.
We understand that an excellent school like Manassas Christian School in Manassas is crucial to fully develop a young mind. Contact Nesbitt Realty for real estate services near Manassas Christian School.


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As a family-run small operation serving Manassas, we live the philosophy that nothing is more vital than family ... and we think of our clients to be family. For the family, it's important to prepare the next generation with proper education such as a young person can derive from Manassas Christian School.

real estate pros are local aces, who can help you find a property close to the school you want. Also, a Nesbitt Realty real estate professional is the ideal selection when the time comes to market and sell a home. We can even help you identify a private school not unlike Manassas Christian School  that will best serve your family's needs.

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