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Blue Ridge Christian School is located at 290 Mill St, Dayton. It offers challenging academics with excellent opportunities for college acceptance or career readiness.
We believe that an excellent school such as Blue Ridge Christian School in Dayton is important for a young mind. Talk to Nesbitt Realty for real estate services near Blue Ridge Christian School.


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As a family-run small operation serving Dayton, we live the philosophy that nothing is more crucial than family ... and we consider our clients to be family. For the family, it's important to prepare the next generation with proper education such as a young person can derive from Blue Ridge Christian School.

real estate agents are local pros, who can help you find a property close to the school you want. Also, a Nesbitt Realty Realtor is the ideal option when it comes time to market and sell real estate. We can even help you find a school such as Blue Ridge Christian School  that will best serve your needs.

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