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The Upton Hill Regional Park at 6060 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington Virginia is well-loved by local residents and visitors from around. It is a wooded recreational park in the heart of the most densely populated areas in Northern Virginia. Found between Arlington and Fairfax County line just at the intersection of Patrick Henry Drive and Wilson Boulevard, Upton Hill Regional Park is an ideal place for families to bond and enjoy. An extensive renovation in 2007 was done to attract residents and more visitors to promote an innovative and public facility as the area and local government’s commitment to its community. The surrounding area consists of residential neighborhoods with a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. Single-Family Homes typically feature spacious yards, driveways, and multiple bedrooms, making them suitable for families or individuals seeking more privacy. Townhouses and Condos provide amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and community spaces. Townhouses and condos are popular options for those looking for a lower-maintenance lifestyle. Parks and Green Spaces provide residents with additional outdoor recreational opportunities and tranquil settings. Residents can enjoy activities like hiking, picnicking, swimming, and mini-golf within a short distance from their homes. The area offers easy access to major transportation routes making commuting to nearby cities and employment centers relatively convenient. There are shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, and entertainment options within a short drive. Additionally, nearby schools, healthcare facilities, and other essential services are easily accessible. If you're researching real estate companies close to Upton Hill Regional Park, Nesbitt Realty Realtors are ready help.  We are local experts at providing real estate services to people in South Arlington. If your questions are regarding services of Upton Hill Regional Park, we will mostly likely only point you to other resources. However, we can answer questions regarding commutes, nearby resources, property management and real estate matters.


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